Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Sense of Time Passing

My doctor is retiring. I'm moving away next year, and she decides to retire. I didn't realize she was hanging on just for me.

And now that the word is out that we're moving, a nearby nursery is closing up and their multi-acre parcel will be built on.

Since they're adjacent to a park with woodland, they've always allowed people to walk through their groves. But that walk through the woods will soon become a walk past a retirement community.

Good thing we won't be around or they might think we belong there, like we're dinosaurs or something.

The owners are keeping one corner of the land, where they'll build a new house. I hope they keep the beautiful old trees and rhododendrons.

And I hope the bulldozers don't spark any fires in this hot, dry summer. Even the squirrels are worried about that.

Here's me, although in a different location on my lunch break. I'm wearing the same clothes I wore here, and I'm using the little red gingham bag I got from Bella (seen here) to carry my lunch.

This must be when I turned to watch the minutes running past me, saying "You're going to be late!" I think I sat back and stayed a little longer.



  1. So true about time - I can't believe my age, or that I was alive during the Cuban revolution (pretty random, huh?). This is a lovely thoughtful post - I think the examined life is the best. xo

  2. When three of my favorite bloggers post about uprooting themselves within the last six months alone, I wonder if the universe is telling me something? Ah, Val! So poignant and pithy, even more so with the photos! Do I detect wistfulness and perhaps regret?

  3. This is the universe agreeing with your decision to get outta' town. But I do sense the melancholy of a big change and those fleeting minutes. You write of it so well. I love the photo of you on the bench. When/if you look back on it in a couple of years, I wonder what you will think. xo

  4. This reminds me of that Joni Mitchell song, "They pave Paradise and put in a parking lot." It looks like you'd better get out soon. And before you know it you will be sitting on a park bench in England pondering life. I honestly think it is good to mix things up. Moving is difficult and Oregon is soooooo beautiful but I am so excited about your new adventure. Will you keep blogging to let us know how you're getting along? Pretty Please??

  5. Your new adventure awaits. I hate to hear about more forest being destroyed.


  6. I just want to steal Melanie's entire comment. So, ditto all of that. It's sad to see beautiful, large pieces of property get developed but it does keep happening. Hopefully they will landscape nicely around the retirement home. A move is exciting and scary. I hope that for you it is more exciting than anything. You look lovely on the bench, with a natural elegance. xo


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