Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Spygirl II: The Sushi Files

You may have already heard about the big international meet-up of B.L.O.G. (Blog Ladies' Organization for Good) - maybe you were there. It was held in Vancouver, BC, and agents came from all points of the US and Europe. They were some of the big wigs, too - literally. Although there may have been classified meetings held in hotel rooms and thrift shops, the conclave was not top-secret. You can read about it all over the interwebs, for Pete's sake, and I suggest you do.

I was not able to make it because I was assigned to an important mission here in Oregon that required my surveillance. It wasn't top-secret, either. It was the Premiere Party of a documentary made by myself and my agent partner, highlighting some local musicians who are spreading goodness in our local area.

You are now able to watch it yourself on YouTube - unclassified - although your computer will self-destruct five seconds after you reach the end of the program.

While I was on alert here in a garage, and all the major B.L.O.G.gers were living it up in Vancouver, Agent AMB made contact and requested a private meet-up when she was en route to her home base. I was happy to oblige. I had met Agent AMB once before and found her to be professional and discreet. This time she let down her cover a little bit.

I think she was experiencing an afterglow from the successful conclave in Vancouver. She shared a few details with me, although she did not tell me anything I was not cleared to hear. Damn.

After consuming lots of sushi at a ridiculously low price, we took the obligatory facial recognition selfies, made sure Anne had enough fuel (coffee) for her long drive, and we once again said goodbye. Her visit was too short, but duty called. She was carrying important biscuits to Agent Severo, and they had to be delivered before they turned stale.

It was a pleasure to meet Anne again - I mean, look at that smile! She's adorable! Am I jealous that Agent AMB was able to schmooze with the movers and shakers of our organization, eating, drinking, shopping and gabbing in a beautiful city? Hellz yeah! But I am enjoying reading the accounts of so many other agents who were at the event. I know there will be future events, and my goal is to attend one somewhere, sometime, wherever I may be posted.


PS - I'm going to link up with 52-Pick-me-up at Spy Girl - the theme this week is Raspberry/Perfection/Friendship, so I'm going to throw in this gorgeous rose that I saw when I rode my bike home after meeting Anne. It sort of smelled like raspberries, it looks like perfection, and I had just had lunch with a friend!


  1. a) I don't think you're allowed to use blog in the acronym blog.

    b) It's so cool you and Anne got to meet up! It's been delightful looking at pictures and reading about the meet-up.

    c) Biggest of all, congratulations about your documentary!

  2. Well done on the documentary, I'll watch it when on my computer! So nice to meet Anne, she's so cool!!!Xx

  3. Oh curses, my coded message got garbled in transmission. Reboot.

    Agent V, a most successful and enjoyable debrief. Perhaps the cheapest (yet still delicious) sushi I've ever had, and the coffee was a life saver -- I didn't roll into my destination until midnight. Thanks for linking -- glad I was able to release you from deep cover. Until the next mission... PDX?

    Big congrats on South of the 45. Bravo!

  4. Congratulations and big high-fives to you! We missed you and therefore talked about you in a very top-secret way. You and Anne look like giddy agents of intrigue. xo

  5. What fun! Anne is a real schtar! I'm glad you managed to meet up. Sorry you didn't make it to the shin-dig but congrats on your big film!


  6. Congrats on your doc! That's so exciting! Ann is so awesome - hee, I'm glad she didn't share anything top-secret!

  7. Ah, Val! I do so miss your wit! Congrats on the documentary - you're living the dream, my friend! And perhaps you and I can make up for missing this mission next year when supposedly the next meet-up happens in L.A.?

  8. Agent V, you are a schtar! Lights! Camera! Action! Not the best way to maintain your cover, but with your big sunglasses, if you don't see them, they can't see you, right? Right?! I'm happy for your debut and I shall definitely watch your masterpiece.
    I'm glad Agent AMB could exchange vital info with you. Usually we hide messages in pills and cavities but I guess sushi will work too. I missed you but I know we shall meet on assignment one of these days. How could we not?

  9. I watched the documentary on YouTube. Well done!! And how fun to meet up with Anne. She has the BEST smile....though I'm sure being around you helps!

  10. Val Dahing. YES! It was the blogger meet-up that lit a fire under me bum. That and a nice note from one of my favorite bloggers in the UK begging me to come back. It is a nice place out here in Blogland. Even though I look somewhat normal I am a bit of an eccentric and living here in mostly conservative San Diego (or Bland Diego as my husband and I not-so-affectionately call it) has been a struggle to find like minded thrift store shopping fellow oddballs. Finding bloggers who shared some of my interests and made me snort laugh into my computer has just been a life saver. I would LOVE to have you come back to blogging. If I can drag my lazy ass to the key board, then an ambitious filmmaker such as yourself should have no problem. LOVE YA!

  11. Yes, you and I have had to watch the Blogger Meetup adventures from the sidelines, but I've enjoyed all the shenanigans vicariously via everyone's posts. Congratulations on the documentary - isn't it cool when you can do a creative project like that with your significant other?

    Glad you were able to connect with Anne on her way home!

  12. You are a woman of many agent for maker........the list goes on! X


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