Saturday, July 4, 2015

I can keep this up as long as you can

Is it hot where you are? Yeah?

Is it topping 90 degrees every day for over two weeks? Oh, it is, huh.

Did you have a major fire of a historic baseball stadium? Now, come on, you did not!

Did you have an EARTHQUAKE? No, I didn't think so. We did. Didn't even scare me. Maybe because I didn't feel it. Just heard something fall, I think, while I was in the shower. Mr. S said the whole house shook, but I just didn't feel it.

Now that you know just how much we're putting up with here in Oregonia, I want to say Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Here's a little red, white and blue trifle to go with the spirit of the day.

What's more American these days than a mini Day of the Dead shrine inspired by Mexican culture?

I finished three shrines. Here's another one -

And this one -

I'm probably going to become known as the Altoid tin lady. Maybe that's okay - there's something compelling about these little metal boxes.

These are for sale, by the way - $38 includes shipping in the US. Email me if you're interested!

Have a safe and sane holiday if you're American, like Macklemore and me!



  1. Val, those shrines are so freakin awesome! Sorry you missed out on the earthquake fun. Whenever we have one here I make a guess at the magnitude and then hop on the USGS website to see how close I came. :-)

  2. OMG. Those day of the dead tins are A-Ma-Zing. I'm waiting for Trump to use Macklemore's song as his campaign theme. Joyeaux Jour d'Amerique, Cherie!!!!

  3. You have a very lovely blog
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  4. Wow - the End Times are coming to Oregon first! Come south, my friend - we have only the 90+ degree days. Your shrines are awesome. xox

  5. We have not had any of those things here, including the heat. I'm so sorry about the loss of your baseball stadium. I do love your little shrines, especially the last one, for the stern looking young lady.

  6. It's been smokin' hot up here - and today we're getting yellow clouds from the forest fires in the interior. Love your shrines!

  7. Your little shrines are so adorable! I keep the beach hut you made on my kitchen windowsill where I see it every day. It's so fun and charming. It's great to hear from you once in awhile and to know you are tougher than any fires and earthquakes and heat waves. xoxo

  8. I think it would be quite an honour to be known as the Altoid Tin Lady. Heh! It would quite an honour to "be known" period - yeah, but only for something good like Altoid tins.
    Mini disasters, all survived, thank goodness. Those shrines are good luck.

  9. These are wonderful! Little worlds you can crawl into in case of a real emergency : )


  10. I saw Altoids for sale in the petrol station- what do they taste of? These are brilliant! You are so ingenious! I love the detailing. xx


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