Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Spygirl II: The Sushi Files

You may have already heard about the big international meet-up of B.L.O.G. (Blog Ladies' Organization for Good) - maybe you were there. It was held in Vancouver, BC, and agents came from all points of the US and Europe. They were some of the big wigs, too - literally. Although there may have been classified meetings held in hotel rooms and thrift shops, the conclave was not top-secret. You can read about it all over the interwebs, for Pete's sake, and I suggest you do.

I was not able to make it because I was assigned to an important mission here in Oregon that required my surveillance. It wasn't top-secret, either. It was the Premiere Party of a documentary made by myself and my agent partner, highlighting some local musicians who are spreading goodness in our local area.

You are now able to watch it yourself on YouTube - unclassified - although your computer will self-destruct five seconds after you reach the end of the program.

While I was on alert here in a garage, and all the major B.L.O.G.gers were living it up in Vancouver, Agent AMB made contact and requested a private meet-up when she was en route to her home base. I was happy to oblige. I had met Agent AMB once before and found her to be professional and discreet. This time she let down her cover a little bit.

I think she was experiencing an afterglow from the successful conclave in Vancouver. She shared a few details with me, although she did not tell me anything I was not cleared to hear. Damn.

After consuming lots of sushi at a ridiculously low price, we took the obligatory facial recognition selfies, made sure Anne had enough fuel (coffee) for her long drive, and we once again said goodbye. Her visit was too short, but duty called. She was carrying important biscuits to Agent Severo, and they had to be delivered before they turned stale.

It was a pleasure to meet Anne again - I mean, look at that smile! She's adorable! Am I jealous that Agent AMB was able to schmooze with the movers and shakers of our organization, eating, drinking, shopping and gabbing in a beautiful city? Hellz yeah! But I am enjoying reading the accounts of so many other agents who were at the event. I know there will be future events, and my goal is to attend one somewhere, sometime, wherever I may be posted.


PS - I'm going to link up with 52-Pick-me-up at Spy Girl - the theme this week is Raspberry/Perfection/Friendship, so I'm going to throw in this gorgeous rose that I saw when I rode my bike home after meeting Anne. It sort of smelled like raspberries, it looks like perfection, and I had just had lunch with a friend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

World Premiere!

Way back in February I told you about a documentary Mr. S and I were making about local musicians. It's called South of 45, and it's finally going to be on TV! Woohooo!

But you have to be in Oregon to see it, or at least somewhere you can tune in to Oregon Public Broadcasting. It'll be on Sunday, July 26, at 8PM on OPB Plus.

We are pretty excited, and we'll be hosting a premiere party for the musicians and crew who all gave us their time and talent. It's a damn good show! I'll let you know if it gets wider release so everyone can see it.

For those of you headed to the Blogger Meet-up of the Century, I know you are going to rock Vancouver! I can't wait to see pictures (and get the inside scoop from Anne when she meets me for lunch on her way home).


Saturday, July 4, 2015

I can keep this up as long as you can

Is it hot where you are? Yeah?

Is it topping 90 degrees every day for over two weeks? Oh, it is, huh.

Did you have a major fire of a historic baseball stadium? Now, come on, you did not!

Did you have an EARTHQUAKE? No, I didn't think so. We did. Didn't even scare me. Maybe because I didn't feel it. Just heard something fall, I think, while I was in the shower. Mr. S said the whole house shook, but I just didn't feel it.

Now that you know just how much we're putting up with here in Oregonia, I want to say Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Here's a little red, white and blue trifle to go with the spirit of the day.

What's more American these days than a mini Day of the Dead shrine inspired by Mexican culture?

I finished three shrines. Here's another one -

And this one -

I'm probably going to become known as the Altoid tin lady. Maybe that's okay - there's something compelling about these little metal boxes.

These are for sale, by the way - $38 includes shipping in the US. Email me if you're interested!

Have a safe and sane holiday if you're American, like Macklemore and me!