Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life in Progress

Hello, all! That is, if anyone is still out there. I'm a haphazard blogger lately, and even worse at visiting and commenting on other blogs. But I persist in wanting to share my little handiworks, so I hope you'll be patient and indulge me a little.

Since I posted here about my mini Day of the Dead shrine I was able to sell it, and now I'm working on some more. If I can sell them here, who needs Etsy? Me and PayPal get along just fine.

These are the doors to the three new shrines I'm working on.

I decided to use beads to suggest stained glass or mosaic.

In spite of sunny weather and binge-watching The Returned (the French version - have you seen it? Very intriguing and compelling.) I also got some work done on the interior details.

The tiny picture frame on this one is just a small silver-tone charm, but I painted it to add a little south-of-the-border color.

I really got caught up in details and before I knew it, it was 6:00 and time for wine!

The people in the little frames are from a very old photo of my grandfather (bottom left) and his 14 siblings! It was taken in Denmark before 10 of them emigrated with their mother after their father died. The brother in the photograph at the bottom had already emigrated.

my family, my copyright - please don't reuse
I try to use all my own photos in any craft work I do, and having some old family photos scanned has been really handy.

Hope you're all well and enjoying Midsummer - Happy Solstice!



  1. Wow, those doors are fabulous, and the photos very compelling. I admire the deftness it must take to do that tiny work.

  2. This is very cool Val. I love how you use family photos. Oh, and how it's time for wine!

  3. Happly Solstice, Val! More awesome miniatures. I'm glad they're selling, and by all means, if you can cut out the middle man/woman/corporation, hurrah! More for you, as it should be. I love the photo of your grandfather's family. Fifteen kids? And no washing machine? No pizza delivery? Wow.

  4. Glad you are selling well! They are brilliant!!! The stained glass window is especially brilliant. X

  5. Interested to hear about no middle man. Toying with selling but still rough on the details.
    Love your intricate work! The paper lace is wonderful too. Stained glass is always my favourite. Well done! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. The doors are amazing, Val. I love what you do and glad to hear they are selling. Happy Monday to you, xox

  7. Congratulations on the sale! Your little shrines are wonderful, and if you can sell them yourself without going through a seller's website, all the better. The doors are so pretty, especially the green one.


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