Monday, May 4, 2015


Whew, it's a bit dusty here at Muse Fondue blog. At least virtual dust is, well, not real, so I'm not sneezing or having to do any actual cleaning. And I don't know how many visitors I'll have after going into seclusion for so long, so I haven't made any cookies or coffee. I guess I'm just a poor hostess lately, and an even poorer guest.

I do hope everyone is doing well! I plan to look through some blogs again at some point, but I've kind of got out of the habit. I'm working full time and preparing for a visit from our granddaughter and doing craftist things and reading and enjoying the sunshine. Online I mostly look through art pages on Facebook since I have a short attention span.

So can I show you what I've been working on? I really wanted to do some collages and try something different from the mini dioramas, but then someone gave me a bushel basket full of tins, so what could I do?

I'm working on a shrine, a Day of the Dead kind of thing - I can't wait to actually get things glued in on the little shelves!

Mini votive candles made from a plastic straw and tiny pictures from a book.

More little candles and tiny marigolds.

Pequeno pan de muerta made from polymer clay, and painted. Don't they look, um, delicious?

And here's the door before it was glued down, and the papers that went inside. I'll show you some more pictures when it's finished. Then I'm thinking about dusting off my Etsy shop and trying to earn enough money to pay for more supplies - and a shed studio. Sigh.

You may have noticed that this blog has pretty much made the leap from silver-hair style blog to craft blog. I guess I'm just fickle that way, but I think this is a better fit for me. I hope you'll keep visiting!



  1. You are so clever with your craft supplies and your hands - those tiny things! Amazing! I think one's family should always come first, and a grand daughter must be the best. I have a few years before I get to be a grand mother as my daughter is only 15. But I do hope she will have children earlier than I did. Enjoy your family and don't worry about the blog. I had a 2 - two - year break, and people hadn't forgotten about me!

  2. Your new routine sounds terrific, Val - more unplugged from the time sucker that is the internet! I'm in awe of your skill in creating realistic tiny things. You are not forgotten, just so you know. xox

  3. I just love those little candles! (cries a little dusty voice from the dust)


  4. These are so cool!!! Glad you popped back in for an update :D

  5. I like what Patti said - "unplugged" sounds about right. I may give that a whirl this summer. Your designs are ingenious and cunning and I'm always in awe of your craft. Keep on keeping on, my friend. I'll continue to read your blog in whatever iteration!

  6. Jeez, Val, I wish you were closer. We could have such fun hanging out and making things. I am envious of your altoid stash. I have been wanting to make mini-altars.

  7. Nice to "see" you again! Glad you're still having fun being creative.

    Do you think you will be able to make it to the blogger meet-up in July? There are 31 people coming...check out the page here

    It'd be fun to see you! If not, let me know and I can remove your name from the list.


  8. I love your dioramas! They are SO amazing! Can't wait to see some more!x

  9. Craft blog? Someone is clearly feeding your diorama addiction. Go for it! Your crafts are exquisite as well. Good to hear from you! Your life sounds busy in a satisfying way, or as such things go. I look forward to seeing your Day of the Dead diorama when it's done.

  10. I like it here...even if there are a few dust bunnies! When I see your pins, I'm reminded you're in your happy place! Keep on doing what you love!

  11. :sings: it's you blog, do what you wanna do... I can't tell ya, who to.... um... what to write about...

  12. Hey Val, nice to see what you are up to and good to hear life is busy and you are working full time. I love the candles x


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