Sunday, May 24, 2015


Ladies, you are all so wise! I do appreciate your comments on my last post about my work dilemma. You didn't let me off the hook. Of course, I was hoping you'd all say, Forget the job! Do your art! Live life on the edge!

But you didn't.

You basically told me to be sensible and try to earn some money while I can. Which is wise. I realize I was just completely drained from sleepless nights and stress at work, and was having some bad days. I put in my application for the open position and will wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, we have a teenager in the house. What an experience! I never had kids of my own, and I became a grandmother after only four years of marriage. And now that baby is almost 15, wearing way too much make-up and traveling on her own.

When she was here four years ago with her mum, she met my neighbor's "granddaughter" and they became friends in the span of a few hours. They kept in touch via Facebook, and now have spent the last three days together going to school and camping! I'm so glad she's having a good time with someone her own age, and I'm so glad she's expanding her horizons and seeing what potential the world holds for her.

Since we ended up having the weekend to ourselves, Mr. S and I have been gardening. Not our favorite passtime. One honeysuckle is full of aphids, so I had to cut off a lot of the blossoms. But, the other one is just starting to bloom, and smelling heavenly!

There are snails everywhere.

That's a snail on his belly, not an outie.

Or rather, there were until I relocated a couple dozen of them to the park across the street. Is that wrong?

Tiny, tiny flowers - I love these because they choke the weeds!

Okay, that's enough excitement for now. Time to sit outside with my book and take it easy. Enjoy!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dilemma Horns

 Oh, what to do, what to do?

You know I've been working on a long-term, temporary job. It's not exciting, but it is a job. It's helping to ensure that I will be able to own a car in retirement - at least for a year or two. After losing a good job last year, any extra money now translates to our level of future comfort.

Besides my temporary work, I've done some freelance editing on the side. Not a lot, but I need time to develop it. I'd also like the time to work on my crafts and set up an Etsy shop (more on that in a minute). Both those strands would be under my control, would not require going to an office, and would be possible to do even in my late 60s or early 70s, if necessary.

So... there's a permanent job available at the place I'm working. It would be full-time, as now, but would obviously pay better and include benefits. It would mean continuing to go in to an office five days a week. Now, I have to mention that the office is over-heated. Seriously, the thermostats in the office read between 76 and 78 degrees! Who does that? I'm menopausal, I have a fan running all day, and it's just too hot.

That may sound minor, but it's a comfort factor. Also, sitting at a computer all day takes its toll on my back, hips and waistline (my home office is set up so I can either stand or sit).

Do I play it safe and apply for a predictable income? Or do I try again to establish my own business(es) and continue to pay for health insurance on my own? It's a tough one.

I hope to get Etsy set up in June, after beautiful granddaughter has visited (we pick her up at the airport tomorrow!). Here's my most recent creation - a Day of the Dead shrine, which will be part of a series.

I think I'm done, but then again, I think it needs a little more gaud (you know, to be more gaudy).

He who lives with hope, dies happy.

Go on, my wise friends - hit me with your opinions on the job dilemma, and also let me know what you think about the little shrine.

Oh, and here's me on Mother's Day (with my niece) wearing a recently thrifted dress. It buttons down the front, but it's too tight on the hips so I wear it as a duster.

I had just dropped a bunch of cookies in the whipped cream - yum!

I'm linking up my creamy cookie faux pas with Visible Monday!


Monday, May 4, 2015


Whew, it's a bit dusty here at Muse Fondue blog. At least virtual dust is, well, not real, so I'm not sneezing or having to do any actual cleaning. And I don't know how many visitors I'll have after going into seclusion for so long, so I haven't made any cookies or coffee. I guess I'm just a poor hostess lately, and an even poorer guest.

I do hope everyone is doing well! I plan to look through some blogs again at some point, but I've kind of got out of the habit. I'm working full time and preparing for a visit from our granddaughter and doing craftist things and reading and enjoying the sunshine. Online I mostly look through art pages on Facebook since I have a short attention span.

So can I show you what I've been working on? I really wanted to do some collages and try something different from the mini dioramas, but then someone gave me a bushel basket full of tins, so what could I do?

I'm working on a shrine, a Day of the Dead kind of thing - I can't wait to actually get things glued in on the little shelves!

Mini votive candles made from a plastic straw and tiny pictures from a book.

More little candles and tiny marigolds.

Pequeno pan de muerta made from polymer clay, and painted. Don't they look, um, delicious?

And here's the door before it was glued down, and the papers that went inside. I'll show you some more pictures when it's finished. Then I'm thinking about dusting off my Etsy shop and trying to earn enough money to pay for more supplies - and a shed studio. Sigh.

You may have noticed that this blog has pretty much made the leap from silver-hair style blog to craft blog. I guess I'm just fickle that way, but I think this is a better fit for me. I hope you'll keep visiting!