Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello, all, and Happy Easter!

Yes, I'm still here, but have not been inclined to spend a lot of time on social media lately. Guess I'm kind of capricious that way.

I thought I would just stop in long enough to share a photo of my rare tulips.

They're rare because this is the only plant that grew, although I planted a dozen bulbs when we moved into this house four years ago! The "soil" is mostly clay, and I didn't think to add compost when I stuck the bulbs in the cold, hard earth. Gardening just ain't my thing. But I do love tulips, and to get two (and another bud) is quite an accomplishment here on my little patch!

Gluing crap together is my thing, and here's a finished piece of baroque confection that I originally posted on my Facebook page, and linked to 52 Pick-me-up a few weeks ago.

It obviously wasn't enough to just do the collage - I had to glam up the frame, too.

Ray Strauss vintage scarf from The Citizen Rosebud on Etsy

Happy Spring!