Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sim Sala Shed Bam Bass Saladu Saladim

I expect you're wondering about that title, huh? The internet is a magical thing!

I remember a strange song my mom sang when we were kids:

High in a tree I heard a crow,
Sim sala bim bam ba saladu saladim.
High in a tree I heard a crow caw.

It goes on to describe a hunter, and it doesn't end well for the crow but I don't remember all the words. However, when I was wondering about this obscure memory nugget, I googled it. And I found it! It's a Danish song (my grandparents were Danish) and I wasn't just making it up.

It fits perfectly with this pendant I made from a Danish stamp.

not in a tree, but in the clematis

I added a little token from the Seattle Transit System, circa 1945.

My dad worked in Seattle one summer after the war because he had an army buddy who lived there. He must have kept this token when he went back to Nebraska - and through various moves to Oregon and Washington. Now I can't wait to visit Seattle again and ride the bus - the token is good for one fare!

Making this pendant is the only interesting thing I've done lately. My craft table got cleared off to repair some blinds, and I haven't had a chance to make it messy again. See how clean (and forlorn) it looks.

I really want a dedicated creative space. Sigh.

I got a bunch of arty-crafty porn from the library. My favorite was the book on top.

I so want a little (or large) shed where I can spread out all my paper and paint and glue and everything that smells toxic. I want windows and shelves and tall tables and bright colors and a floor that I can spill on!

I also want a new computer and a hi-res color laser printer, but now I'm just dreaming.


Have you heard of Meghan Trainor? She's a really fun singer I've been listening to. Her mama didn't sing about a crow, sim sala bim. Her mama told her to find a man who'll love every inch of her.

What songs did your mama sing to you?


gratuitous clematis photo - too bad you can't smell it