Saturday, February 28, 2015

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I finally succumbed to Pandora. I know why they called it that - once you open the box, you can't close it again. Right now I'm listening to Mark Ronson Radio, and I'm lovin' the funk! I've been so behind on new music, and I still can't stand certain "artists" who are more manufactured diva than musician. But I just came from a hip little cafe that was playing some cool funk, so I had to hear more when I got home.

Off The Waffle

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy waffle with bacon and egg, and a cappuccino

It was such a beautiful day.

Clematis in the morning

We rode our bikes into town - it was sunny but brisk, with a north wind. I'm not one to do the Lycra bike suits, or anything that comes from a sporting goods shop, so this is what I wore.

These thrifted jeans are perfect for biking because they're soft and don't fight me when I'm pedalling, and the pegged pants don't get caught in the chain. I layered a camisole and long-sleeved T-shirt under my Target "Little Wing" shirt and Christopher & Banks jacket. The brooch is a wire chaos concoction I made.

No reason you can't look classy when you're riding a bike, right?

The boots are new to me, and the first wearable item I've bought in months. They were half-price at the thrift store, and with my senior discount they were only $6.25!

New boots, and it's time for Shoe Shine at Sheila's! Sheila is getting into the menswear look, too - come and take a look.

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Amy Winehouse sing "Valerie." I'm digging Pandora!



  1. I'm such a dweeb. I had to google Pandora. Apart from the box, I'm assuming you haven't developed a passion for burrowing bivalve mollusks with fragile shells but rather personalized internet radio. I have yet to succumb to that temptation, but I'm glad you've found something to get your groove on. Speaking of which, that's the best cycling outfit ever. I noticed the boots right away. Your hair looks awesome and your pin is a power nodule.

  2. Oh Amy can sing for me any night or day (she's missed). I am looking for new stuff on spotify. Will need to check out Mark Ronson. You look fab for riding - you're right, skinnier pants are perfect, and safer. xox

  3. Ooohhh! I love the brooch!
    Pandora is great. I needed a large dose of classic hard rock recently and Pandora found all the right songs to get my brain back to my normal.

  4. I have no idea what Pandora is. (Lots of people collect pandora charms here.) I'm assuming it is like Sirius. Normally we listen to Songza.

    I envy your great weather. You look dapper for bike riding.


  5. You biked together to town for waffles? How fun! Isn't this sunshine awesome lately? I can't believe your clematis is blooming already. Love your bead concoction!

  6. Er, what is Pandora apart from a naughty girl in ancient times or an overpriced jewellery brand?
    Love the trousers- yes cycling wear has to be a certain type or shape or there is definitely trouble!x

  7. I assumed Pandora was a music streaming service of some sort. As Suzanne mentioned, us Canucks listen to Songza (or other people do, I don't. I listen to an internet radio station based in California called Radio Paradise). Excellent biking outfit and cool brooch. I think my days would be better if I could start with a self-fulfilling Prophecy Waffle.

  8. I looooove Pandora. It's my one stop shop for aaaall kinds of belly dance music. I really hope funk continues to dominate all this mainstream sugar pop crap.

  9. THAT is the way to bike! None of this "affected-looking" pseudo elite athlete garb for me either! PEGGED PANTS??? I haven't heard or used that term since I was in junior high! Thanks for reviving the style description. I'm using it from now on! No more skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, or whatever the newest style nomenclature happens to be. "Pegged pants" sounds so TOUGH, the hood image I always wanted to convey for myself! (Where IS that waffle café? I'm going to be in the area in September.)

  10. I've learned something new, Pandora is not necessarily jewellry (Pandora jewellry is huge here) your biking outfit is perfect, like your brooch, I love it all (and your boots, love a bargain!) your breakfast looked delicious and it's always lovely to see a blooming clematis x x x

  11. How did I possibly miss this post the first time around? Look at your hair! Your brooch! Those shoes! It's just perfection! And yes, Pandora is a definite must; it's like it can read my mind.

  12. Me too! Not sure how I missed this post. I mean the brooch you made is worthy of it's own Pandora's's beautiful Val! Your cycling outfit is hip...I actually find it kind of amusing seeing some people wearing the colour blocked lycra cycling just can look all kinds of wrong, if you know what I mean.

    So! So, now I'm craving egg on waffle! :)


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