Sunday, February 1, 2015

Boys, boys, boys

I had lunch with a handsome young man on Friday. Honest!

He's a man I worked with for eight years, and while he was working he was going to law school. He now assists two judges at the federal courthouse here. He's incredibly smart, and also very funny and naughty, and exceptionally courteous - such a charmer!

His entire name is typed with only the left hand. Isn't that weird? By contrast, the letters in my name alternate almost perfectly from one hand to the other - it's very easy to type. Isn't that strange?

But I digress.

Here's what I wore to lunch. I took several very quick photos before I left, and really only got one usable one, with a sour bitch-face. That suits what comes next.

thrifted boots and skirt, old top and wrap, tights - Target, socks - who knows? necklace made by my neighbor

So, my title was boys, and I'm actually talking about men. Some pretty dreamy men. But I have a bone to pick with these handsome, mature men.




Why are they glorifying guns and violence? This really pisses me off. Whatever your views or local laws are about gun ownership, don't you get sick of seeing these kinds of movie posters where the stars are made to look sexy and in control - with a weapon of death? Grow up, dudes!

Denzel, really? Would you put that poster up in your church?

Keanu, I don't expect much from you, but I want to. Don't be a dick.

Colin, darling, you're so much better than this.

It's not just men. Angelina Jolie should be ashamed of herself, too, for this kind of crap.


UNHCR ambassador, my ass. What kind of message does this send to those who have been affected by violence in their lives?

I also hate, hate, hate movies about hit men or gangs or the Mafia. Yuck. When I go to a movie, I want to be entertained, not sickened. Isn't there enough violence and nastiness in the world without these kinds of movies that fetishize it?

Rant over. Go in peace.


PS - Evidently the pictures I linked from IMDb don't show up on every screen. I apologize - it does rather ruin the effect of my rant. I think you can still use the "source" links if you really want to see the movie posters with guns front and center.


  1. I can't actually see the pictures of those film people but I can imagine what you are talking about. Yes, I hate gang films of anything violent. Horrible.

  2. And I am rather liking that pretty spotty skirt

  3. Yes, the source link works though the pictures don't show up for me. I am inclined to agree with you and do not seek out films with guns or war themes. I'm more of the Star Trek type, where phasers are set on stun. I love your outfit colour pairings, and the funky tights/shoes/socks combo. xo

  4. That's not a sour bitch should see my reject photos, now they are bad. I can't see the photos either but can imagine a gun toting Lara Croft or someone. I also hate those violent films and can't understand why anyone would pay to see them, plus why do they have to be so loud!

  5. I can't see the pix, but I feel you, and agree about the glorification of violence in movies. I just saw Grand Budapest Hotel - a charming story (with a bit of physical violence, and some war) but no worship of the gun. More like that, please. xo

  6. I'm torn here. On one hand, I hate that parents will sign a R-rated movie permission slip for violence but not for nudity. And yet, my husband and I can really only agree on movies that deal with gangs and guns because that's what he watches. And I've also developed a keen appreciation for action films since those are the only kind of movies my 70-year-old mother watches; she can't do sentimental/emotional films anymore. Not since my dad passed. :/

    I did watch Grand Budapest and The Judge and enjoyed those two immensely. There is hope for non-violent quality films.

  7. I'm with ya on the glorification of (and consequently, normalization of) violence. But the skirt is darn cute!

  8. You look so cute in the skirts, tights, and boots! I can't see the pics, but you are right about the glorification of violence.

  9. Well, I just finished watching a bunch of boys chase a little ball around a field and beat each other up while girls in hardly any clothes jumped up and down while large groups of people cheered so I'm right there with you. I have big problems with gratuitous violence in films, most specifically guns. In fact, I'm getting so worked up thinking about it that I almost forgot to mention how cute you look in your polka dotty skirt. But as you know, it's all about the big bucks and gun movies make a lot of dough. If you could see me now you would see active bitch face. Peace and Love, My Friend.

  10. Cute skirt! I like it with the tights.
    I don't watch violent movies. I am not entertained by people being awful to each other. I refuse to see movies that glorify murder and evil. Now, I'll watch something like The Hobbit a hundred times because orcs aren't real and the adventure is the story.

  11. Well i can't see them here, i'm at work...but i know what you are saying...i don't like violence at all and will not go see those movies


  12. I am against guns. I'm Canadian, so of course I hate guns. All guns. I've quit some blogs and had a rather heated argument/fight over one gal waxing poetic over her daughter's first kill at the tender age of 12 on her blog. Yes it was a deer, but why is that a good thing? You're still teaching your child to kill an innocent animal. When I objected I got LOADS of shitty feedback. Needless to say I don't go to that blog anymore. And yeah...she is a super super popular blogger. It makes me sick thinking that teaching your children to kill is a good thing.

    However...that said, I do like a good spy movie or even a good action movie. I will admit I loved Boardwalk Empire , Peaky Blinders and Breaking Bad. I still find them entertaining. Of course they are entertaining because I know they aren't real.

    To me, in real life, someone with a gun is a coward, not a hero.


  13. Violent computer games freak me out, actively participating in fake violence and crime is wrong, I just don't get it. Mine aren't allowed (I say that, they have no interest in them) I won't allow over sexualised MTV videos either, Abby loves them now, but as I informed her, she is now an adult, she can watch them, it's not for kids. My movie of choice is always something inoffensive (unless Shirley Valentine brings you out in hives) I like your outfit a lot, socks, boots and tights are my favourite thing, on others of course (my stubby legs won't have it, no fair!) x x x

  14. Well, schools teach (or they soon will) that when the zombies come, the only people who survive have big weapons or crossbows and they live in compounds with big lights and wire fences. The thing is, I wouldn't want to live in a world like that so I wouldn't need any guns. Really, the gun thing is like that old animation of two adversarial crows(?) and they get bigger and bigger guns until they destroy everything. What I hate is how corporations and countries make a good living from arms dealing. How can that be?!!
    Canada has strong anti-gun laws but we're no saints; we like to sell nuke products. Gaaaa! I'm glad you can't carry those in your pocket.
    What I REALLY like is your bitch face in a dotted skirt. Yeah! I'd live for that.


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