Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Right brain, left brain

Have you ever done one of those tests to find out if your right brain or left brain is dominant? Mine usually come out fairly even, which is good, I guess.

Actually, I always hope that my right brain will win out. I'm much more inclined towards living an artistic life than conforming to office hours. But I'm pretty good at office work, and that's where my left brain comes into play. I'm organized and consistent and efficient.

Even my hobbies make use of both sides of my brain. So while I am itching to produce art like this

"Loneliness #3"

I'm compelled to produce these diminutive bits of uselessness.

"Cafe Tout Petit"

I suppose this brings the right brain and left brain together. Right brain - I get to create the scene and mix patterns, textures and colors.

Left brain - I figure out how to make tiny things, and I'm somewhat precise in creating itsy bitsy cups out of clay and gluing little beads onto them for handles.

I never wanted to be thought of as a miniaturist - that sounds like someone who plays with dolls, and who owns cats numbering into double digits, and who has a funny laugh and awkward social skills. (If you're a miniaturist, I do apologize, but I'm trying to make a point here.)

Maybe this will produce an income some day; hopefully not a miniature one. But I can't seem to help myself - I'm hooked. I've got a teensy, weensy monkey on my back!



  1. Val, you are making me laugh tonight!! I love your writings. "Diminutive bits of uselessness?" Hardly!!! But such a funny expression. I'm with you on the even-steven mind usage. I've gone back and forth all my life. The only thing is that the more time I spend over the years on the creative fulfillment, the harder it is to find the regular jobs who'll take me in!! haha...culture shock!
    You're in a really great spot right now to be able to do both things at once. Well, actually I think you've been able to pull that off for a while now. Since I started this new job I haven't done one darn thing in the creative department and some how I find it so refreshing. But the itch will come again and I have a wood burn tool kit that will come in handy when it does. ;)
    Keep it coming!! I love your little tin worlds.

  2. Oh..and I'm FIRST!!!! MF'S!!!

  3. Okay, ma belle, you are hardly useless. It takes big talent to make tiny art. I have never taken one of those brain tests. I'm kind of afraid that I might score a neither side, if that's possible. And, heck yeah, let's take off for the French Riviera! You can do research for tiny French tins and I can stockpile French marine striped pullovers. Allons-y!!

  4. J'adore cafe Tout Petit. My goodness, I would have neither the patience or talent to creative something so detailed and tiny. I just don't do fiddly. I don't do brain tests either for much the same reason as Connie.

  5. Ack! So detailed and teeny-weeny! I love your tiny creations.

  6. I'm always amazed at how good you are at making those miniature boxes, i could never do that, I'm not detail oriented i'm more the big picture girl, that is probably why i love to abstract painting, haha!
    Tks for your comment Val, i was in shock yesterday when i checked my Instagram account, i said to myself that they fucked somehow!



  7. So talented!!! I am weird, but I don't really believe too much right/left brain stuff. Most of the really smart and interesting people I know seem to be a real mixture of things... Sort of like you described yourself!

  8. I'm pretty even on the right/left brain, too - I am artistic, but I am also really good at "thinkin' stuff". I love your miniatures. I painted 2" miniatures for years!

  9. You are a genius!!!!! I love your dioramas!!!x

  10. I love your miniatures, and they are most certainly not "useless"! I think I've done one of those right brain/left brain tests at some point but can't remember the result. I would imagine I'm some of each.

  11. I love your miniatures, and they are most certainly not "useless"! I think I've done one of those right brain/left brain tests at some point but can't remember the result. I would imagine I'm some of each.

  12. This is my favorite of all your little boxes.

  13. I admire your work and understand the "hooked" part! Personally, I'm "hooked" on your humor and your art is fascinating!

    I've never taken a right/left brain test, but I'm predominantly right brain. I wish I had your organizational skills, which is an area of struggle for me.

  14. I'm all right-brain. The left part of my brain is missing. There's just an empty space where that chunk of brain should be. Me can't count but me create artsy real good.

  15. Your creations leave me in awe, Val. I wish I were more balanced between the two sides of my brain. I'm creative and emotional and so horribly bad at abstract thought or doing anything with my hands.

    I have to tell you, I often check out my fave blogs when doing late-night feeds. One night I read this post, and then I read a post from Joni's An Artful Closet. Went back to sleep and dreamed of us three doing a blogger meetup - except somehow I morphed into a super model about to have dinner with Pierce Brosnen, and I couldn't find you guys! Distressing. Since my only hope of doing a blogger meetup in the foreseeable future is in my dreams, I hope to meet with you guys again! :)


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