Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review not 2014

We often look back on the year that's just passed and reflect on what we've done. But I thought I'd do something different and look back on what I didn't do.

I did not learn to speak Russian in spite of this snazzy outfit.


I did not jump off the Eiffel Tower.

April (in Paris)

I didn't get a part in a burlesque act because I am too shy and retiring, and easily embarrassed.


I did not botch Operation Spygirl.


I did not eat a goldfish (he was hiding from me).

May again

I did not blog much for several months.

I did not spend every day in color.


And I did not let fame and outrageous wealth corrupt me after my appearance in  VOGOFF.

I also did not forget how lovely my blogging friends are, even though I have been AWOL and less active in the blogosphere. I hope 2015 brings us all good fortune and grace, happiness and joy, and maybe a blogger meet-up or two!

Happy New Year!!!



  1. Cheers to you, with all you've done, and not done, and will do! Happiest new year to you, Val, xox.

  2. I love all you haven't done. I love what you HAVE done even more, especially what you have done with what you haven't done in this post. Bwa-ha-ha. It's not quantity; it's QUALITY, and you certainly have it. Hugs, Val. Happy New Year!! xo

  3. You crack me up entirely. Best of everything to you in 2015!!

  4. If I could read only one reflections post, this would be it. And I wouldn't just read it once...I'd read it over and over's you Val....and maybe you're not burlesque, but you're funny and a star in your own right! Love your posts, frequent or infrequent as they may be.

    Here's cheers to 2015 and spending more quality time together!

  5. You helped make "Operation Spygirl" AKA On the Edge US a success! So great to meet up with you. Here's to a great 2015!

  6. I'm thinking with that bitchin Kossack outfit I would have learned a word or two of Russian!

    So loved reading about your adventures and seeing your outfits.


  7. A great take on the ubiquitous Review of the Year, Val!
    Best wishes for 2015 - what not to do this year?! xxx

  8. Ha ha! If I wrote this list it would be entirely too long.

    Happy New Year!


  9. It doesn't matter if you you were awol for a while, I was too!
    We love you no matter what!
    Happy NY dear Val

  10. If I measured my success in 'did nots' I would actually be rather successful... Because I did not do a LOT! lolzzz Happy New Year babe!

  11. Happy New Year, Dear Val! Who needs to speak Russian when that ensemble is speaking for you! I miss you when you are AWOL but then I have been AWOL a bit too lately. I adore your wit and am thrilled to add this new perspective of year end did nots to my repertoire. There are many successful did nots for me to contemplate. Thanks for being your delightful self and adding to my world.

  12. Russian is too difficult to learn anyway (ask my daughter!). So is English. Maybe we can focus on Esperanto instead. :) Such an enjoyable roundup of your blogging and not so blogging year - you are very creative, Val! Happy New Year! I too hope that there will be a meet-up or two. Have a great 2015!

  13. I'm late but happy new year to you, pretty lady!

  14. Excellent! Another thing you did not do this year ... show us a dull blog. Always interesting, always personal and authentic. Looking forward to what you show us in 2015. Thank you for all, and I send all my best wishes for the coming year.

  15. Happy New Year Val! I'm rather fond of a snazzy start! I've loved your review, I don't speak Russian either but I do know 'Vino' and 'Cerveza', I expect this makes me tri-lingual! x xx

  16. fabulous year!! and new year is going to be even more fabulous, for sure!!


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