Monday, December 15, 2014

High Tea

Hello, again! And no, my title isn't a play on my last post about the mini opium den.

On Saturday I volunteered to help serve tea at a local historic house, the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House (their website seems to be down, but here's a picture of the outside from Wiki Commons).


They do high tea there during the holidays and for some other events as well, and I volunteered to help for a couple of them. Here I am just before our clientele came in.

See the little teacups on the tree? Squee!

Each table setting has a unique, beautiful teacup (I had about three, no four, no five favorites), and no two teapots are alike. We served three courses on tiered trays - first, savory bites and sandwiches, then scones with Devonshire cream and jam, and then dessert with mini cupcakes and cheesecake and truffles, with a different tea for each course. It's a lot of work being a serving wench, but it was fun, and they make extras of everything so we could stuff ourselves in the kitchen.

It's shocking that my ankles are visible, so I'm linking up with Visible Monday before I apply for a job at Downton Abbey.



  1. What a gorgeous house - reminds me of some of the Victorian mansions in these parts. You look positively proper in your serving wench outfit, Val!

  2. Don't work at Downton! Sure, they make it look all cozy and friendly-like.
    I am in fact envious of your wenching skills. I would spill tea all over everyone and drop the trays down the fronts of their shirts...if I ever made it out of the kitchen where I'd be gorging myself on mini cheesecakes.
    Yes, gorgeous house, beautiful china. Shameless ankle-flasher, you!

  3. How pretty and quaint you and it look!! X

  4. Ooh, the ankle! Men are bewitched and run down by horses in the street. Lovely place, and brava to you for volunteering. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too! xox

  5. What a beautiful house MG!
    What a pleezyasant idea to serve high tea in such place
    Yup ! perfect wench you are
    Sexy ankles girl!

  6. oh, oh, I love high tea. And you look just divine too. mmmmm.

  7. OH, HELLO, Val! So glad to see your face! Sounds lovely, the whole thing. When I feel wild and upset, especially late in the afternoon .. usually because I'm STARVING ... I've taken to making a cup of good strong black tea in a pretty cup with just a little milk. Amazingly, it takes away the starving feeling like no other cup of liquid. Afternoon tea is a civilizing influence, even here and without the calories!
    So good to see you ... hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Ooo, that mansion is gorgeous, and the High Tea sounds lovely. I'd never be able to serve tea without spilling it all over the place. You definitely would fit right in at Downton


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