Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scavenging through September

Me again.

I know, you're surprised to see me two days in a row, especially since I've been such a slacker lately. I'm just unpredictable - it's part of my charm! But it's time for another Scavenger Hunt at Made With Love, and I got my act together this month. Thanks to Greenthumb for hosting!

Lots of variety this time, and I even put in a cameo appearance. Drum roll, please.

S is for...

The Simpsons and Springfield.

This mural was recently completed in the adjoining town of Springfield, and since Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) is from Oregon we're all sure that our Springfield is the REAL Springfield.


I call this "Study in Texture and Geometry" but it's really just a photo looking out the bathroom window. And it was taken around 2PM.


Washington State Ferry - there are cars parked on it (in it?).


This is my plastic fedora. It had a Happy New Year band around it and came from a party store, but I've been making use of it for photos (in VOGOFF and others that I'll link up tomorrow for Hat Attack!). It would actually be very practical in the rain because it's waterproof. 


First I told my friend not to let me buy anything that day. Then I ended up at the cash register with this little mirror, and I told her, "Don't stop me. I know what I'm doing." Twenty-some years later, and I've never regretted buying it.


One very ambitious spider - he built this web across our path three times!


Not a recent picture, but just perfect for Lock.


This is why you should always bring your camera wherever you go. We were walking on a country road, and wandered off to explore this old wooden bridge over a stream. The bridge was studded with long nails that had been bent over. I was so busy taking pictures and thinking ,"Wow, this is lucky," and my husband was busy figuring out that the nails had been put in this way to add traction for when the bridge was wet or iced up.


The lamp on my desk, which was a wedding present to my parents in 1951. Pink and gold may not be everyone's cup of tea - which is why my mother got rid of it - but I think it's lovely.


...dwarfed by a roof sign.


Mr. S's vice - Spider Solitaire. He's frighteningly good at it.

That's all for today, but I'll be back tomorrow. Three days in a row!



  1. I always enjoy your interpretations and you have a great collection again. Love the mural, the window shot and the lock. I'm with your Mum on the lamp though! x

  2. Great collection! I was hoping to find some nails like that, or poking up through bits of wood, but had no luck. That's a lovely little mirror!

  3. What a nice collection. And the lamp is actually quite pretty, in a vintage sort of way... I have to start carrying a camera with me, too, saw some great autumn colours today...

  4. That's one beautiful spider web! xo

  5. Hi Val! Great set of photos ~ I've taken to always carrying my camera with me and a list of the items I'm looking for in the hunt. That spiderweb was something, and what a persistent spider! And what a clever take on car park! Have a good one!

  6. Oh Val. You're still killing me. Beautiful photos! It's spider season!!!

  7. I'm a fan of Spider Solitaire too. Poor spider to keep getting it's web broken.

  8. Super photos Val! Loving the garden and window shots! MUST try and finish mine-still got window, mirror, S and another to go... x

  9. Love that lock photo and the Simpson's mural was a great find for "S"!

  10. Ohh pretty lamp. And I agree - ambitious spider - I got some web pictures this past weekend - love it when I can get them. Good info about the bridge too.

  11. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, it's always great seeing your photos. S, nails, sign, garden are all great. Greenthumb

  12. Great photos, Val. Love the rusty gate and the nails! And yes, aren't the spiders being extra industrious this year? xxx

  13. Great set of photos, like the Garden with the spiders web and the photo of the lock..
    Amanda xx

  14. I love lock and S. We live by our very own Springfield here in the UK - Springfield Park!

  15. "Don't stop me. I know what I'm doing."? Classic! I shall borrow that phrase next time I'm out shopping with my BFF. Love lock and garden, which could also sub for S since spider, eh?

  16. Your good sense of humour is evident in your posts ~ as is your creative approach to photos :)
    Loved the ferry car park and the dwarfed street sign. What a pretty mirror, and vintage lamp. Interesting about why the nails are flattened...either for safety reaspm, or just someone getting tired of hammering thinking I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  17. Excellent selection of photos - your creativity and personality come through in your choices. I think that lamp is very pretty too!

  18. Thanks for the picture of the Simpsons mural. I have been wanting to see it but couldn't be arsed to find a picture online. You've saved me the effort! It's not speculation anymore. Groening made the official announcement a couple of years ago, thus triggering the mural project.

  19. I always enjoy your photos so much! You have such a good eye and I love the peek into your world. It was definitely the right choice to buy that mirror!

  20. I agree with Shawna that mirror was a great buy!
    I'm with you with the lamps, they are my cup of tea
    You should see my mom's lamp collection, you would be amazed!
    You do have a good eye for photography
    The nail and lock pics are perfect
    Having blogging withdrawls this morning, i'm like you unpredictable, part of the charm!
    This blogging thing is highly addictive i kid you not!
    What do you think should i take a nice breakie and think about it some more?




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