Monday, September 29, 2014

La Petite Bibliotheque

I just completed a new diorama - this one's pretty cool (IMHO)! A little French library -

I got hooked on making my own little books because I was given this old French encyclopedia, which was already falling apart.

So I made a bunch of little books just doing an accordion fold...

adding stamps and gold paint...

and also using some other papers for book bindings.

I decorated the outside with letters and pages from the encyclopedia.

Inside are shelves and a little reading light.

I'll add this to my Marketplace when I'm sure I'm done with it, but for now I'm linking up with Creative Mondays at Claire Justine.



  1. So brilliant, Val! You are a talented artist, and this is so enchanting. xo

  2. Oh it is darling!!! I love your diaramas! X

  3. So sweet, and that little light! You're very talented!

  4. Oh, gods! Stop it! I'm gonna go broke buying these things from you. Then again, I think I shall simply savor my TARDIS for a bit longer before investing in another Val original. :D

  5. This is so cute! You have a great timing.

  6. Yikes. That is absolutely a fantastic idea. I want to read all your little wee books. The light is an extra brilliant topping.

  7. Oh my gosh Val, that is amazing! You definitely have found your niche. The book you chose for the theme is just perfect. I'd love to shrink myself down and come check out a book!

  8. great photos and the work is amazing! you're so creative!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  9. Oh! This is so lovely. I've got to send it to my friend I traveled to Paris with. :D

  10. Tu me tuer avec ta petite bibliotheque.

  11. Like Joni make me feel like a kid again, imagining myself magically shrinking into my make-believe world! Fantastic!

  12. I love your little dioramas, and it would be so cool to be able to shrink oneself small enough to curl up in that little library with a book and a cup of tea.

  13. How delightful! I hope that one day when I get around to making shelves for my books it all looks as good as your diorama! I have always loved miniatures and you have such a talent for making them.

  14. Aww this is a great idea, love it :)

    Thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays

    1. Such a great idea :) featuring your post this week at the blog hop, thanks for sharing...


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