Monday, July 28, 2014

Toop Arties!

This is the most unplanned post I've done in awhile, but I want to go to Visible Monday and 52 Pick-me-up. Nothing gets me motivated like a party - unless it's two parties! *

The theme for 52 Pick-me-up this week is Orchid. I would have thought of the usual Pantoney Radiant Orchid, but Anne is breaking the mold and wearing YELLOW! And PAISLEY! It's her party so she can do what she wants to, but I thought I could probably get away with being a rare blue orchid.

Sort of.

This is my business attire on a hot day in the middle of summer in my home office - cotton shirt (old) from Walmart, denim skirt from JCP.

I don't subscribe to the idea that you have to dress professionally when you work from home. I'd much rather be comfortable, although I do draw the line at wearing my PJs to do work. Unless I have to get something done super early, like before 8:30, but I try to avoid that anyway. I love not having to use an alarm clock!

I don't wear shoes in the house, so I spend my day in my moccasins or barefoot. But if I'm barefoot it just makes me aware of how crunchy the kitchen floor is and then I feel like I have to clean it. So, moccasins it is!

And further to my last post about my home office space, I really did optimize my Craft Cave, without even throwing much away. Voila my new office! This desk is so much more comfortable and sprawling.

The lamp was a wedding present to my parents in 1951, and yes, it's pink! The wooden bowls and the clock came from the thrift store.

Thrift shop china on the wall - cabbage rose pattern, which I love.

The craft area (which includes the long end of the desk) is freakishly neat and unsloppy - for now. I can't wait to see how things work out when I need to spread out with glue and paint and more glue.

I keep water for paints in the old coffee pot. I did the red and green painting about 87 years ago.

The frogs are Djim (on vocals) and Django (on bass), and I got them from a co-worker who got them from a friend who found them in a VW van he bought. God knows what their life was like before that! I've had them since 1993, usually keeping them in my office because that's where they started.

Time to wrap it up for the day and get a nice cool drink at the party - which one should I start with (party, I mean, not drink)?


* Post title inspired by the legendary Two Ronnies and Four Candles. 


  1. Your new office is very inviting, Val. And don't you love wearing moc's around the house. Beats wearing heels by a mile. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, and start the party! xox

  2. Yes! I see blue orchids!
    Thanks for joining. I'll have what the frogs are drinking.

  3. My brain is slow - I had to say your subject line aloud several times before I got it. I, too, stayed away from Pantone for Anne's party; great minds again, eh? And your office looks so organized! I bet you get scads of work done now. :D

  4. I like your thoughts about the moccasins. LOL

    That office does look freakishly neat. So jealous.

    Love the "old school" Thesaurus.


  5. I love The Two Ronnies! I grew up watching them and now I must hunt them down online and watch some again! Your office looks amazingly tidy! How many days will that last? I love the personal touches around the room, the lamp, the bowls and the frogs. It's great how things like that all have their little stories. I am always barefoot at home and a bit obsessive about sweeping the crumbs off the floor so I don't mind at all that my feet detect them. Then I know I need to grab the broom.

  6. I hear you on the crunchy floors! I go barefoot and try to ignore it. Nice job with the office. Wonderful use of space!

  7. Yes, this is also why I wear slippers (I need moccasins!). I like your nice office!

  8. Love your space Val! It's quite serene looking, and it's far away from hubby's space, yes? Good!

  9. Love that print on your shirt, Val, and your extremely tidy and organised office/craft room. Very impressive! And Djim and Django are obviously feeling right at home.
    The four candles sketch was legendary in my family as one of the few things that ever made my dad really guffaw with laughter. Still makes me chuckle actually! Saturday night TV in the 1970s didn't get any better than The Two Ronnies. I think I may have to go and watch some Big Jim Jehosophat And Fat Belly Jones right now! xxx

  10. you rock your pretty visible blue orchid outfit!!, doubled fabulousness joining two parties!!, you're wise (and cool!)

  11. Hi Val,

    So business is going well? Happy for you hope you have lots of contract and don't have to go back to an office with nasty bitches!
    My post are never planned, i never know what to do or say but it comes to me...this is probably why i only post once a week these days anyway, great post even if it's unplanned -
    I have a craft room in the basement, but i think i told you?
    I moved some stuff upstairs in the office i use because of the light, a bit of a dungeon down there
    I love your space, it's important to love ones place of work, right?

    Keep well, so happy for you

    Bigs hugs


  12. Hi Val,
    I'm glad you explained your post title, I was wondering what it meant. The two Ronnies are such legends.
    Your craft/work space is very neat and making me jealous too. Glad you have work to create a work space for.
    That cotton shirt looks very cool and ideal attire for working from home.

  13. Great work space, Val. Having everything in its place helps to focus on the job at hand. I'd recognize the CMOS at 100 paces. Have you ever tried the dictionary psychic? Ask the universe a question and flip through your dictionary and point at a word at random. It seems to work two or three times; usually the answers just mock me! I hope you can get messy soon in your art space, love that 'vintage' painting. And your breezy workwear works so well. I enjoyed the Ronnies, thanks for the laugh!

  14. I tried to participate in SpyGirl's link up but my tablet just does not like blogging. In fact, all the blogs that have backgrounds don't do well on my tablet for some reason.
    Your work space looks so clean and ready to go. I've been working on a sewing room in a tiny attic space, making do with what we have and it's slightly better than the dining room. I see your little creative touches even on your work desk...I love that organizer. I have a wall shelf in the same wood design that I've had since way back in the late 70's.
    Happy working away!

  15. Allow me to compliment your.... carpet. It is very clean. No, seriously it's like fresh new apartment clean. What's up with that?!?!

  16. Ahhhh 'Four Candles'! brilliant sketch! Djim and Django are a cool frog duo perfect in your office, it's fab! I'm always barefoot, it's got to be pretty cold before slippers go on but I completely understand the downside, crap on the feet - you are looking wonderfully cool, I love your hair btw x x x

  17. Very organized work space, Val. I could use some of your skills in that area. Love the pattern on your shirt and you have inspired me to check out Spy Girl immediately!

  18. I wear my leather sandals at home for the same reason lolzzzz Your office looks great. I dress really comfy when I work at home, too.

  19. Orchids it is. Cool and comfortable is the way to go - anywhere. What an organized space to work in. I'm impressed. Will it stay that way?? Will artifying step over the line?? Stay tuned. But forst, who might Two Tommies be? I would've never guessed what the title was if you hadn't said. duh.

  20. If there is a Blue Jasmine, then there certainly can be a Blue Orchid. You can even write your own script without the thinly veiled misogyny and excessive irony ( I kid ... great movie. Ahem.) Pretty you in a light summery print. You dress so much better than I do for working at home!
    Lovely studio/office. And your space is so much cleaner and prettier than mine!

  21. Wow! You make the summer corporate casual look very hip with your outfit. Your office looks so organized and neat. Anyone would be very glad to work if their office looks like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing your day! I hope you had a blast in the parties you attended.

    Orlando Nunez @ OES

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