Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thanks for reminding me!

The lovely Maricel was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster award - and I forgot about it.

This is my second Liebster (no brag, just fact), and I'm sure most of you have heard of the Liebsters by now - answer 11 questions, nominate 11 bloggers, pose 11 questions for them. I think the part that tripped me up is nominating others, because it seems a lot of them have already been nominated recently!

Patti was also nominated by Maricel, and she responded in her recent post. That reminded me that Maricel had some very clever "questions" so I wanted to do my best. Here we go!

1.  I see … my very lovely, new home office, which I'm probably going to move out of.

This is the dining room, which is open to the hallway, my husband's workspace, and the family room/kitchen. Since Mr. S also works from home, and he does multimedia production, I think I'm going to need a quieter space. That means optimizing (cleaning!) my Craft Cave to make room in here where I can close the door.

Wish me luck.

2. I find … that my husband and I get a little fractious with each other now that we're together all the time!

3. I have … one baby tooth still.

4. I wish … I could play the saxophone.

Teresa Cunningham

5. I miss … my friends and my brother who live in other places.

6. I fear … loss of autonomy.

7. I feel …like I'm in limbo. Unemployed? Self-employed? Pre-retired?

8. I crave … solitude.

an unidentified old photo my mother has, probably from Denmark

9. I search … for answers in my dreams.

10. I wonder … where I'll be living in five years.

Prats de Mollo in southern France

11. I regret ... not training to be a French translator when I was 19. I really considered it, but I couldn't buckle down to studying. So short-sighted.

So, now it's your turn. Patti nominated all her readers, and I'm going to do the same. You're all Liebsters (beloved)! Now answer me this - you're going out on a special evening where you can have all your favorite things. What car are you taking? Where are you going? What are you eating and drinking? Who else is at the table?



  1. Ha! I knew you wouldn't let me down! I appreciate how all your answers are so relevant and specific to you and yet so relatable and engaging to everyone else in its content and delivery. So if I may answer your answer to my Liebster (man, it IS a never-ending cycle, isn't it?):

    I am driving my mini cooper down the French Riviera on my way to Italy so I can enjoy an authentic plate of pasta and some really potent sangria in Venice with my BFF (I would have said my husband but he hates to travel to places where they don't speak English. Plus, he'd hog the car and I want to drive)!

    1. Oh, now you see....this is why I can take forever to answer these questions! I love this...and now I want this to be my special evening....or maybe dining elegantly on a terrace in Pari...the moon is full, the service exquisite...

  2. Hey! I have that same ironing board! My creative space is the same Val! Everything piles about until it drives me to distraction and then I go on a mad clean up. Just spend a little more time with your husband...then you'll be in the right frame of mind.

    Contrary to my usual modus operandi...I'm going to answer your questions NOW, without ponderously considering the myriad possible scenarios.

    Okay, it's summer so a special night out would be at a beach...let's say local just to keep the cost down. How 'bout Sunset Beach, Vancouver and an impossibly luxurious cold Pinot Grigio, an antipasti platter, six different salads, humous and pitas, crab legs with drawn butter, grapes and watermelon, and something decadent for dessert, probably something chocolate- y. Ideally, we wouldn't even take a car there, but I guess with all the acoutrements required for an elegant picnic al fresco...I say we'd take the Jeep. And we'd be joined by 6 or 8 of our closest friends. I know I can convince you to come too...and hubs?

  3. I should have a creative room instead of my messy ahed!!! Clever responses dear Val x

  4. Love this close-up view of you! Special night out: I'm in any car (don't know about cars) with my husband or if he is busy, with Benedict Cumberbatch. We're going to a few of our favorite NYC pubs for some wine and cozy talk. Maybe Bruce Springsteen stops by for a few minutes, or Margaret Atwood. xox

  5. Ha! That photo of your hubs made me laugh : )

    Let's see...we are staying at a 5 star all inclusive luxury resort with our own house on top of the water. We can jump off our deck into the ocean for a quick swim or see the fish while eating our breakfast. We spend the day being pampered in a high end spa. Then have a 5 course meal served on the beach at sunset. We dance some tango in the moonlight, drink some champagne and head back to our private house where we have a hammock for two, more champagne and an amazing view of the sky sparkling with starlight and the full moon with the sound of the waves below us.

    Ahhhh,,,thanks for that : )


  6. I'll be thinking about your challenge here..but I can't wait to read other's answers.
    You definitely need to keep your craft cave so don't crowd yourself out too much. You both work from home now? The perfect partner to eat lunch with!

  7. What fun to learn some more things about you! Your hubby looks like he is fun! I'm sure you can make your craft cave a multi-tasking work space. After all, it's still all about creativity.

    I am in my own car, a Mazda 3, going for a summer evening walk on the beach with someone special. It's a short drive and there is nobody on the beach. My allergies don't bother me at all; it's warm but not too hot and there is a soft breeze. We have ice cream in cones, the most delicious gluten free waffle cone that can ever be invented. Two scoops of ice cream. We walk until the sun goes down and then sit on a log throwing stones in the water.

  8. A craft cave.....I'm just thinking about how awesome it is, it is! I think it's pretty amazing having your own personal space (like you, I have to have my own time and I look my dreams up a lot) it's a great pic of your Mr - the special evening? how lovely! I have a thing for massive vehicles (anti-riot is one of my faves, it has a loo on board) a Greek mezze with house wine (I like the carafe) my family there and a spectacular sunset, thanks Val! x x x

  9. Hello Val, congratulations - you've won the prize (Your Hormone Doctor book etc from That's Not My Age)! If you could email me your address, I'll get the PR to send it over.

    Very best, Alyson

  10. Oh now don't go falling out with Mr S - play nice! Actually, I love being on my own too.

    No car, no one's driving. Somewhere by the sea, warm but not hot. A big barbeque, lots of bread and salad and little dippy dishes to pick at, plenty of fizzy wine, and loads of friends. Oh OK, my family can come too, as long as the kids don't whinge, and don't laugh at the adults dancing. The laughter will be raucous, the music fabulous, and we will all be miraculously bright-eyed and hangover-free in the morning. Perfect! xxx


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