Thursday, July 31, 2014

In like puppy days, out like dog days

Can you believe July is over? It came in like a beautiful summer's day and it's leaving the same way, with added brown grass and sultriness. It's been hot here, sometimes too hot, but I know I'll miss it when it's gone. 

It's time for another Scavenger Hunt at Made With Love, so there are a lot of photos in this post. I hope you like them.

The first prompt is 9 PM. I'm always amazed at how much the days start to shrink in July, so I took a picture out our front door on July 1 at 9 PM and another one on July 30 at 9 PM to see the difference.

 9 PM

July 1
July 30

The rest of my photos were taken on a trip to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the University of Oregon campus - I love it when I can scavenge all my photos in one location! Because I was going to the art museum I had plenty to choose from for ON THE WALL.

The last one also fulfills C IS FOR... crochet.

And the cookie from the museum cafe, well, it could be C IS FOR..., or DOUGH, but I'm using it for SWEET.

The museum has a beautiful little courtyard with both a tiny pool and a large pool, so I got POOL and LIQUID there.

And then I saw the STEM.

Just outside the museum was this sculpture, which was perfect for TOGETHER.

I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this, which gave me DOUGH.

IN MY BAG was the rest of the cookie that I hadn't eaten.

And to sum it all up was MY VIEW OF TODAY with the big O for Oregon

I missed getting LEVER. Or maybe I just missed getting a close-up. Check out the guy on the bike - I bet there's a lever there somewhere.

Come see the other scavenger hunts - there are always some wonderful photos from around the world!



  1. You can't really get a better photo than that for together! I love the crochet picture.

  2. I love that you managed to get most of your photos in one place. Together is just wonderful and I love the crochet picture too. x

  3. Cookies delivered until 3AM? Whoa.
    So many lovely things to look at. But I keep obsessing about the cookie...

  4. What a lucky day, all photos in the one day! I like them all. Cx

  5. Great job! Now, plz send me that cookie. xox

  6. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of C, liquid, together and dough was a great find. Greenthumb

  7. That crocheted wall art is so intriguing! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
    I am hungry now thanks to that cookie photo. Good thing there are none in the house or I would be eating them all!

  8. Love the out door pictures of the museum.

  9. Absolutely brilliant! So jealous of your museum trip. Maybe my kids are now old enough to appreciate art? We've been doing science discovery stuff but I'm just getting too old for dinosaurs. Oh, is there irony in there somewhere?

  10. Very neatly done, Val - all the prompts ticked off in one trip! Great photos, how pretty is that little pool? xxx

  11. Well I can't take my eyes off of that crochet art. It's so amazing. I had no idea it was fiber like that until I scrolled down and saw the close up. Wow!

  12. Like Melanie, I was 'whoa' over the 3am cookie service, cookies until 3am, so very, very cool, and dangerous! great pics too, the crochet is beautiful and the stone sculptures are magnificent, I loved them x x x

  13. A great collection of photos, and how lucky to find most of them in one place!

  14. Quite the scoop at the Oregon University! Lovely seeing all the photos you found during your visit. Sounds like an excellent day ~ and I'd like to join in with the gang who would like a chomp of that cookie. I hope you ate all of it before it became crumbs in the bottom of your bag ;) Thanks for the museum trip.

  15. So clever to get all of your photos in one day - love them! I do also really like the view from your house at the start and end of the month. There's something about timescale photos that makes me feel a little sad though.

  16. Val, you've inspired me to try this!

  17. Aha, I remember doing all mine in the Natural History museum in January! It's a great feeling!!
    That crocheting is mad!! and a cool shot! I LOVE your pool shot- it is exquisite and I am salivating over the cookie!

    P.S. sorry I am so late in visiting- have been away on holiday with DREADFUL data signal!x

  18. Your scavenger hunt photos are very intriguing, accompanied by your humor, of course. I am struck by the difference in light that evolves in just one month. I sensed the change, but your pics were the true evidence.

  19. Hi Val!

    What a great idea !
    You did well my friend
    Did you eat that cookie?
    I know what you mean about where the heck is July? The month went just like that!



  20. I"m still in love with this idea but struggling to do it. I will keep trying. Your photos are great! That pool is so pretty and the crocheted art amazing! It looks like a great place to spend some time and have a cookie. Delivery until 3am? Surely not if you order just one cookie? LOL

  21. I really enjoyed seeing these photos of your day out Val. x


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