Sunday, June 29, 2014

What a long, strange month it's been

First, thanks to those who read my last post, which was kind of long, but hopefully not boring. I just wanted to get that story written down, especially after I found the news articles about La Professoressa. It was all true, and no, I'm not going to put in a link to the news stories because I think it's best if I don't reveal her name!

Second, if I haven't been around to visit your blogs, I apologize. Who knew being unemployed would be so time-consuming? Besides registering for Unemployment Insurance, and Job Search, and checking out health insurance, and applying for jobs, I've also been dealing with long-distance family stuff, and looking at options and possibilities to go freelance with editing/proofreading/writing. I feel pulled in a lot of directions at the moment! I need lists, lists, lists or I'll never survive!

For now though, I'm posting my Scavenger Hunt photos, plus hanging out with some of my other favorite link-ups (because I aim to be efficient). So without any further ado and in no particular order, here we go!

This is the good side of unemployment - totally casual.

Linking this up with Visible Monday (I was visible riding my bike to run errands) and 52 Pick-me-up, where the theme is Minimalism.

B is for BEACH
I got a few pictures on my last outing.


WATER (too easy, really) 



I used this photo in the last Scavenger Hunt and once before that, so it also fulfills the prompt  

A gift from my brother- and sister-in-law. On the back it says C. Boyes, S. Africa.

Making my latte in the morning - and taking a picture at the same time.

The best I could do was take a picture of the TV in the lead up to the World Cup. 

We bought this to use as a prop when my husband recorded some readings of one of his books. You can see part of the puppet in this video (viewer discretion is advised), and there's a gadget on my sidebar that should take you to The Prisoner's Tale on Amazon.

Does he make you nervous? I don't like being alone with this guy. And he's been drinking the expensive vodka!

Come and check out the link-ups - the laundry can wait.



  1. Do you wonder how you got *anything* done when you had to go to work? : > I love your casual get-up. The puppet, however, makes me queasy. He's benign, right?? Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox

  2. Oh Lil' Val. I am reading this as I sit on my petit bourgeois butt. Unemployment IS hard work. I'm doing it right now and it is exhausting!

  3. That looks like a comfortable no fuss ensemble.
    Love all your beach pictures, especially since I've been there!
    Thanks for linking!

  4. Bloglovin' ate my last reply. Grrrr...

    Sparks Notes version: kudos to your industry; humbled that you do manage to drop a line in my corner of the 'verse; grateful that you intro'd me to the Scavenger Hunt although must improve photo abilities to even come close to your mad skillz; love the efficiency of doubling up pictures for different linkups; you rock my socks!

  5. I missed your last post Val, but had to go and read it after your intriguing opening paragraph - very interesting story and good decision on your part. Also intrigued by the scavenger hunt you are joining in with, will check that out more when I have a mo. Best wishes with sorting out freelance work. You are looking very relaxed and no wonder with your über efficient blog post linking - those lists are doing the trick.

  6. Cool photos, esp the spoon and driftwood hut!!! Clever use of the photo again!!! X

  7. I'm still intending to get in on this scavenger hunt someday. I always enjoy your photos! Unemployment sounds very busy. Of course I should know, as I too am unemployed and it did not seem to diminish the appointments, meetings, paperwork or other stuff that needs to be done. Tomorrow is a big day of going out and getting rid of lots of money. It will be painful. It's not about shopping.

    I hope you are feeling well and are happy, despite or because of all the things keeping you busy! I can imagine you feeling quite happy with freelance work.

  8. Great photos! I love beach and man made, but the puppet is creepy!

  9. I'm unemployed, too, and you're right. It's about lists and more lists - until you lose the list, then you have to wing it. It seems the more time I try to free up the busier I get. Here's hoping you find the job of your dreams soon!


  10. Squeeeee!!! I just saw Mel's post! You opium den is hallucinogenic!!! I'm trippin'. I LOVE it!!!!!!

  11. The puppet is evil, that's all there is to it.
    Great scavenging. I hope you're able to fit time in your studio too, preferably with goldfish on your head. I'm a list-maker as well and love stumbling across old cryptic notes and not having a clue what I was supposed to be reminding myself of. Hugs and high hopes to you in your continuing pursuit of adventure and reward.

  12. I thought I left a message in here and now it's gone. Other bloggers are saying the same thing to me for some reason too. Hmmm

    Well, your photos are great and shows you're at least getting in some fun in your hectic days. Things will balance out soon. I think I mentioned in my other comment that I suggest not making decisions in the middle of the night. At least that's something I try to follow.
    Enjoy your week Val!

  13. Thanks so much for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. A great group of photos. I really like man made, spoon and habitat. Greenthumb.

  14. I hope you'll aöso take time to enjoy the freedom of being the master of your time, not doing anything for a while and giving yourself the chance to relax and recharge, without any plans or agendas... Creativity benefits from such 'empty' periods. There is always so much to do, and it is quite easy to fill your days with all sorts of chores you were quite happy to ignore when you had more ' important' tasks....

  15. Glad to see you are using unemployment so creatively, great photos, Good luck with the search for freelancing, hope the right path is not to far away.

  16. Thanks for the reminder...I still need to take some of mine. Love the driftwood bonfire but that puppet looks a bit sinister. Btw your Professora post was anything but boring, I found it totally fascinating I read it on my phone on the bus so couldn't comment at the time. (typing anything on my phone turns the air blue!)

  17. Great photos. I love the beach ones, the spoon and the puppet - which intrigues and appals me in equal measure!

  18. I love your interpretations, particularly manmade and B. I have been unemployed for 7 months now and still I am amazed at how little I get done! Good luck with the job search. x

  19. I just saw Melanie's post about the Opium Den tin you made and that is the most fabulous little thing I've ever seen - the little beach house was cool too. Are you going to make more of those little things while you're unemployed? I think you should. And sell them, if you don't already.

    I would not be alone in a room with that puppet, ever. He is obviously deranged.

  20. Wonderful pictures! I love the beach ones.

  21. Great set of photos. I love beach, manmade and spoon. The puppet is just creepy! x

  22. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with unemployment, but at least you have a sense of humor about it! I loved Beach, Water, and Man made! They made me feel calm! Have a good one!

  23. I'm unemployed at the moment too (have been since November) and have had little success finding work so far but really, I seem to be so busy I don't think I have time to work and I don't know how I did it before November, hehe! I wish not working was an option *sigh*. Anyway, a great collection of photos, I'm not too keen on the puppet either!

  24. I couldn't be alone with that puppet either, not a hope! good luck with the job search and I hope you get want you want, lists are something I really should try harder with (probably explains all of my lack of any organisational skills) x x x

  25. Great photos, Val, I especially like the beach shots.
    Careful, you might get used to this unemployed lifestyle! xxx

  26. That puppet is scary.

    Your man is quite intense. I bet he'd be a good actor.

    Getting unemployment is as much work as being employed in Canada.

    Really like the open bench photo. Says so much about what you've been experiencing lately.


  27. Love the squiggly spoon! Lovely sea and sand scapes :)

  28. Great pictures and yes your puppet does make me feel nervous.

  29. I have to agree, the puppet is a bit creepy. I love your water photo.

  30. You look casually cool! Here's to finding the perfect position ... now that the Mercury Retrograde is over, I'm hoping for everything to loosen up a bit professionally (work is a big challenge for us right now) and I include your success in my wishes!
    I have an old Howdy Doody puppet-doll who stays in a ceder chest belonging to my mother. He lives there because he creeps me out and the chest has such a heavy lid that even a possessed puppet couldn't escape. I'm so with you on that. Never known him to raid the liquor cabinet, though ...

  31. what a shady looking gentleman. I wouldn't turn my back on him.

  32. Hi Val!

    I have been away for a while to and didn't comment much as well, but I'm finally getting back to my old self, thank god!
    And I remember when I was out of a job and actively looking for one, I was so busy, unreal!




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