Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Sneetches - T3

The prompt for T3 – Favorite Childhood Read –
Had me thinking and blinking,
Oh, what shall it be?

I quite liked the mysteries of Mary C. Jane,
Curious George was a fave, but maybe inane.
Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins, Hardy Boys all compete,
But one book was always my favorite treat.
The book that I knew that I just had to do

There were Sneetches and stars and Mrs. McCave,
And Zax and Green Pants and twenty-three Daves,
There were morals and lessons I learned by osmosis,
And laughter that shook me right down to my toes-es.

Dr. Seuss was a genius with his rhymes and his hooks,
Kids are happy for hours while reading his books.
Pages worn and torn from reading and use,
My choice for T3 will be Dr. Seuss!

The story of the Sneetches tells us about the snobby star-bellied Sneetches who had bellies with stars, and the plain-bellied Sneetches who had none upon thars. 

So I'm being a star-bellied Sneetch, using a Christmas ornament for my star, and showing it off proudly!

The plain-bellied Sneetches always felt like second-class citizens, until a stranger came to town and offered to give them stars on their bellies. Well, the star-bellied Sneetches didn't like that, so they decided to have their stars taken off, and that would be the best style! Eventually no one could remember who really had stars and who didn't, and they all learned to get along and be happy the way they were.

See, a lesson I learned by osmosis.

The Sneetches were all yellow with green stars, so I'm wearing yellow jeans (with paler yellow zipper!) and shoes, thrifted, and the green top is part of a twin set and matches the cardi you saw last week here.

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  1. Oh Val, I didn't think you could top a diorama, but this is perfection! LOVE the poem, the outfit, and the Christmas ornament necklace!

  2. When I think of Val. I think of a Pal. She's a Sneetch of a Star. Hey, let's go to a Bar! Seriously, if I'm ever in your neighborhood I'm meeting you for cocktails!!!!

    1. I'm waiting for you to find a rhyme for 'cocktails'. ;-)

  3. Val I love your poem! I love the Sneetches too. I had a record album full of Dr Seuss stories and the Sneetches were on it, as well as the pale green pants and the north going Zax and the south going Zax. What a delight to be reminded of these on your post. And you look totally adorable as a Sneetch! I must say, Connie's poem is delightful too since she managed to incorporate going to a bar.

  4. This is hilarious! The other night in the kitchen we were saying the Hop on Pop lines. Though I don't remember them very well, it was fun trying.
    Cuuuute pants!! I love the two colors together. Something I'm trying to get better at.

    I must go and check out that link you mention. Something new to me!


    I second Selah's response - I didn't think you could top diorama either. This takes the cake! Honest to Pete, maybe you should look into writing as your back-up profession. You could publish things like Griffin and Sabine!

  6. I must admit I was ignorant of the Sneetches.

    Love your rhyme.

    You must turn this into a rap...since you've already got some of the posin' down.

    Must compliment Connie too on her brilliant response.


  7. ha ha, this is super funny!!!! Well done, very witty!x

  8. omg I read that story to my kids lolzzzzz The stranger hauls off out of town fast when they have no more $$$ to spend... Love Suess!

  9. Great colours! But I am obviously the only person in the world who doesn't much care for Dr. Seuss... Don't hate me! xxx


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