Sunday, June 1, 2014

Days of Wine and Roses and Instagram

Ah, the wine...

On our Memorial Day holiday, I went out to one of our favorite wineries with my mom and sister.

A friend of ours, Inoke, was entertaining. This time he wasn't solo - he had two women with him. Inoke is a good performer - deep, soulful voice and an engaging and friendly manner - but these women stole the show!

Teresa Cunningham sang a little, but mostly she rocked the sax.

And Vilma Halstead was totally working the congas.

Fortunately, they're playing together a lot this summer, so I hope to see more of them.

Here are the roses - in my top.

I wore this a couple of weeks ago and stockpiled a few photos. I haven't been taking as many selfies lately. I guess I was feeling a little bored with it, so we'll see how things go from here.

The necklace is a little locket I was given by my parents when I was about 12. It's brushed gold and engraved with a V, but I've rubbed it so much it's more shiny than brushed!

What AM I looking at?

The skirt is from Christopher and Banks, and you've seen it before, many times. The top and belt are secondhand, so I'm linking up with Secondhand First at Citizen Rosebud.

When I met Bella and Joni in Seattle, they both said I should get on Instagram. You have to have a smart phone, and my phone is not too bright, so I signed up using my husband's phone. Then I went to my PC to see my account, but I could only view - I couldn't comment or add pictures. I did some Googling and found out how to run the Instagram app on my PC, so I asked my personal tech guy (Mr. S) to help me - I knew it wouldn't be straightforward.

Here's what we had to do:

We downloaded and installed Bluestacks, the platform to run apps on a PC. But before we could make it fully functional we had to install NET Frame. But before we could install NET Frame we had to scan for malware. We did that, we installed NET Frame, we installed Bluestacks, but then all we got was a black screen within the Bluestacks frame. Mr. S did some more Googling to find out how to get rid of the black screen and found out we needed to update the video card, NVIDIA. But to do that, first we needed to update Java!

One hour and five different programs later (!) I had Instagram functioning on my PC. I followed a few people and left a few comments, then signed out because, quite frankly, I was tired of being on the computer by that time! I only went back to see Instagram the other day.

I opened Bluestacks to access Instagram, but to use it now they say I have to purchase their App Player Premium (it's only $2, but still) or download their sponsored apps.

To be honest, I don't think I'll be doing Instagram, at least not until I get a smart phone. The weather is good, and I don't want to be spending that much more time online. I'd rather be outside drinking wine!

scarf was a gift from Bella

Are you on Instagram? Do you use it a lot?

Linking up also with Visible Monday. Which picture to use...



  1. Ah, you know my thoughts on Instagram. Wrote a whole post about it and everything. But I wold never have even entertained the thought had I not had a smart phone. Your ordeal sounds tremendously time-consuming. I think I would've given up on the updating software part.

    I don't blame you for not doing the Instagram thing. Frankly, now that the novelty has worn off, it's become more a burden for me than a fun thing. And we know that life's too short for burdens!

  2. How sweet to spend wine time with your mom and sister. So pretty around there. My daughter insisted I get on Instagram but even though I have an account I'm pretty certain it is not going to happen. Maybe some day but for now I'd rather spend my time going on beer runs and walking the dog and taking naps and really...nobody wants to see me Instagram that boring stuff. But. I'll certainly follow you if you decide to do it. You look lovely in the lilac scarf.

  3. Your visit to the winery with your mum and sister looks a super day out, with sunshine and live music thrown in, it looks pretty much a perfect day - you look very happy in the photo with your lovely lilac scarf.

  4. I've been on Instagram for a while, but usually am not too active. Not that much in my day-to-day life seems interesting enough to photograph. ;-) I do use it more when we travel.

  5. Okay, I'm tired now too! You have answered my burning question...can you use instagram without a cell phone, never mind a smart phone. That's cell phone. Instagram looks cool, but I'm already spending too much time online. Great photos today. We were at a concert last night with Ernie Watts...and can that man play the sax! Very cool to see a female playing one too!

  6. Your day with music and friends looks fun.
    No instagram for me. My cell phone is not smart enough and rarely used. Mostly carried around for emergencies. Still have a landline. I feel like such a dinosaur. haha

  7. Oh the locket is so special - I had a similar, but lost it when I was in my 20's. I cried. Your visit looks like big fun, and your roses are lovely. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  8. Instagram shminstagram. I have a smart phone but honestly I'm trying to figure out ways of cutting down on webby stuff...not adding to it. Also isn't instagram just photos? I like your writing and humour.

    Seriously you are tenacious though. I would have given up on Instagram WAY before you did.

    I believe we all need more time to sit outside, listen to music (if it's live even better) and drink wine with friends and family. Not just take photos of it.

    I have a locket like that somewhere too. My Grandma gave it to me. How nice that you still wear yours.


  9. Do you know that you are really really cute? You look lovely in that outfit and I love the little locket and that you still have it. What a lovely outing. I love outdoor music performances and look forward to the ones that will start to pop up this summer.
    I do not do Instagram. I feel overloaded with social media as it is. I have a minimal presence on Facebook, used Pinterest avidly for a couple of years but my interest in that is waning, and I used an opinion/polling/chat site called Sodahead for some time but lost interest in that too. It's full of nasty people though I did make a few friends there and stay in touch. I do not do Twitter either. I like Blogging best. I don't quite understand what Tumblr is but it seems I can follow people on tumblr using bloglovin even though it seems more visually oriented. It all gets to be a bit much. I do own a very basic smart phone, but I am a dumb user.

  10. What a lovely day at the winery! I have never been to one yet, even though I love wine. :) You look very much like your Mom - such a beautiful lady with very warm and open smile! Fun and friendly summery outfit (love C&B skirts - they are cool and comfy).

    The only thing I do online is my blog, that's all. That is absolutely enough for me. :) xxx

  11. Big no to Instagram. I signed up to Polyvore and did two collages. My Twitter account is still there but has been inactive since my working days in Toronto. I honestly don't have time for all this web-y stuff, as Suzanne says! And hell, I'd rather be quaffing wine in some lovely vineyard too! I am so amazed that you still have your locket from childhood. I had one in silver but it's long gone. I often wish I still had it. xo

  12. What a nice Memorial Day and seeing friends in the band! I love jewelry with memories - how totally sweet!
    As to Instagram - big, big yes!!! But, we love all the visual "stuff" and FB rules are so restricting. It's just whatever you like :) Enjoying life instead of watching it on your phone is way more fun anyway!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  13. What an utterly perfect day! family, wine and music, perfect! great pics too, you all look fabulous! instagram sounds quite interesting, a visual feast of the day, I imagine it could be quite fab with a good phone, my phone is crap though, internet access denied x x x

  14. That is my hubby and my fav way to spend the day, wine, outside and music, Fun! Love the floral top and the sandals, looks lovely!
    Please drop by,
    from the link up, jess

  15. I would far rather be sitting with friends and/or family, sipping wine and enjoying some live music that farting about on Instagram! It's for bloggers who don't have anything to say, isn't it? Me, I have too big a mouth, I like the chatty aspect of blogging. You look lovely in your floral top. Had much wine been consumed when that last pic was taken? Or maybe you are waiting for your glass to be filled?! xxx

  16. Ha, I don't even have a cell phone! I spent this whole weekend hanging out with friends (maybe drinking some wine!), and I'm so glad I haven't got all those awkward photos. I would much rather focus on having fun.

  17. Merger and Mancini! Love the theme tune! Pretty top! I don't have IG, Twitter, Facebook it any if those dastardly things that would make me while even more of my life than I do on Blogger. Need to quell that addiction too! That's a RIDICULOUS amount of time and energy to have to get it!! X

  18. Wine tasting is my most favorite activity in the world so I really enjoyed your post. (Ok, shopping is tied.) I'm with you on the Instagram thing. I tried and failed. I even tried Facebook and failed. My blog is all I do because, yeah, I'd rather be drinking wine!!!

  19. Hi Val! Beautiful photos here. I've recently discovered, or came to the conclusion rather, that wine is not my drink. I switched over to hard cider or hard alcohol. ;) But the whole wine tasting activity is so wonderful, especially on a leisurely afternoon.
    Okay, I'm attempting a new style blog and am going to pick one of your names in your list but now sure which one yet. I'll be back to let you know!

    1. Joni, I'm so excited you're going to do another style blog! It'll be good to see you around the neighborhood again.

  20. Pretty rosebud! And the blouse isn't bad either! Looking lovely. How nice to hear live music with people you love and what looks like some delicious white. Thank you for the cyber-tag along!

  21. I'm not on Instagram. I figure I got it covered with my blog auto feeding to Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I pin images from my posts to Pinterest.

  22. dear lady, it's way better to drink some wine and lounge on a sunny terrace than instagram!!, i've also tried to make instagram works in my pc, so frustrating!
    besos & roses

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