Sunday, May 25, 2014

Operation SpyGirl: The Western Edge

Here is my report:

My initial communication with Agent AMB was carried out in code to subvert the potential for eavesdropping. We had an arranged meeting place - the large anchor installed as a feature next to Bay Street in Florence, Oregon.


It was a public place, so we could blend in. However, there were risks involved, too, such as coming into contact with tourists in Harley-Davidson T-shirts, women carrying small dogs, and sullen teenagers trying not to be seen with their parents.

Our rendezvous was scheduled for 14:00 hours. I arrived early and carried out a quick sweep of the nearby restroom. There were no listening devices or cameras (I think). As I was leaving, I received an electronic message from Agent AMB saying "I've just parked in Florence and am walking to the anchor." I decoded this and understood it to mean that AMB was in Florence and had just parked her car. She was walking toward our rendezvous location. The code was fairly simple.

I soon spotted her. She was wearing an absolutely adorable hat I had seen in photos taken by our Russian agent, Natalia. This made it easier to recognize her, as well as her trademark glasses and smile. We exchanged the secret password and she slipped me the encoded disk as we embraced. No one suspected that we were anything but tourists with a little more flair than those around us.

I wore a purple scarf that had been given to me by Agent Bella Q. The scarf could be transformed into a jump jet if it was necessary to make a quick getaway. It was not necessary.

AMB and I went to a nearby restaurant, sitting on an enclosed patio where we were sure there were no bugs (ha ha). We discussed our experiences within B.L.O.G. (Blog Ladies' Organization for Good) and our communications with other agents. We talked about our cover work, and she brought me up-to-date on her recent trip to the borders of our territory.

We then decided to survey the coast for invasion by enemy agents. We saw none; all was secure.

Soon AMB was on her way to her next destination, a location I cannot divulge. I found her to be the consummate agent - polite, friendly, and very sweet. She has beautiful eyes and a disarming smile that encourage confidence and candor. She has already won over several agents she has come into contact with, both friendly and hostile, and I'm sure she will continue to do so.

I hope her mission has been successful; I feel honored to have played a small part in it.

In full disclosure I must add that my report has been inspired by AMB's Fake Journaling project.

Agent VS


  1. Brilliant as always, Val! Your storytelling abilities put me to shame. And I call myself a writer! I bow down to your wit and voice. (And I'm still jealous that you got to rendezvous with AMB!)

  2. You made me smile! What a wonderful story! :) I am glad to see that sunny weather continues wherever Agent AMB goes. And yes, we are all agents and supermodels here, aren't we? ;)

  3. Thanks for keeping a world a safer (and funnier) place.

  4. I love your sense of humour and the way you tell stories! You and Anne look so lovely and happy and the restaurant patio looks quite delightful. Well done. Good work agents!

  5. Ha, a wonderful meeting of agents! You both look gorgeous. xxx

  6. Brilliantly hilarious!!!! Love this!x

  7. Ha ha! Loved this and all the photos. That Ann is really getting around ; )


  8. I love that second photo of you both. SOOOOO cute.

  9. I second the second photo sentiment! Looks like another satisfying meet up. Wish I could have been there....and by the way, the scarf looks great on you!!!

  10. Bwa-ha-ha!!
    I like how you coded your feet by wearing the same nail polish so it would be difficult to distinguish between the two of you should this photo fall into enemy hands. But I think the pictures of you looking fabulous together might give you away. Try to look more morose next time to blend in.
    I wish I could have joined in! I want to learn your codes too.

  11. Fabulous blogger meet-up! The two of you look very happy at the restaurant and your feet look like they're having a great time too. Your story telling skills are divine!

  12. It was a successful mission! hurrah for excellent blogger meet up brilliance and you both look divine x x x

  13. über funny and fabulous!!, and both you look adorable!
    besos & sonrisas

  14. Hahahaha. Mission accomplished! Borders have been patrolled.

  15. That was really funny, Val. Anne is really something, isn't she? And you both look beautiful surrounded by flowers and the bracing Oregon ocean air. Ahhhhhh. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my last post.


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