Sunday, April 13, 2014

Smell My Post

I've been meaning to write about the eau de toilette that I use. It makes sense to talk about an obscure scent online, don't you think?

I've been wearing this for about seven years now, ever since I discovered it at the gift shop at our local art museum. It's by L'Aromarine, an old Parisian  parfumier, from what I've found on the web. The one I wear is Oceane. They must have got the idea from Kramer on Seinfeld.

I tried on a few of their scents before I purchased a different one. As I was driving home I smelled it again, and it had changed from smelling like a citrus punch to reeking like an old lady's sofa! I drove straight back to the shop and exchanged it for this one. Oceane is light and fresh, and doesn't really smell of anything except clean. It becomes a little sweeter after awhile, but it's never overpowering.

A bottle can last me a couple of years - this is only the third one I've bought, and they don't make this label anymore. The company is now called Outremer (outre mer, beyond the sea), and they've changed all their labels. They're still pretty, but less obviously Art Deco.

So I'm glad I immortalized this one in a resin pendant.

It was one of my first resin projects. I wanted to do a pendant with a woman's face, something sort of graphic-y in a retro style, and I thought it might be nice to have some typography. Then I noticed the bottle in my bathroom - perfect!

For those who are interested in the process, after soaking off the label and cutting it to size, I coated it with Mod Podge and glued it in the bezel. Once it was dry I poured in the resin. I added some small plastic beads, which melted a little in the resin. Then I dangled some bead segments from the bottom of the pendant.

It's one of my favorite necklaces, and I'll always have a little bit of this cool label!

Here's the whole top, 'cause I know you want to see the outfit.

Some chalk scribbles on the paper blind behind me. The jeans and boots are thrifted. I don't remember where the top is from - I had to cut the label off so it wouldn't show through the lace in back.

Unfortunately, there's still a little bit of the label sewn in the seam. Dumb.

I would recommend scents by Outremer, but not unless you can try them first. You never know how they'll develop on your skin. My local shop no longer stocks it, but I'll continue to buy Oceane as long as I can find it online. When I'm an old lady my sofa will smell lovely and fresh!

Linking up my necklace with Creative Mondays.

Have a great week, everyone!



  1. Brilliant! You make me want to pack my bags and drive to Oregon, knock on your door and bribe you with tea and scones for a week-long crafting session where we blithely make necklace, dye clothes, and cut out paper images of ourselves. :D

    Oh, and the top is fab - I think I'm gonna go Mad Hunt for some paisley things on eBay right now!

  2. What a lovely pendant - I'm hugely fond of Art Deco.

  3. Your necklace is gorgeous! I love art deco illustrations. I also love paisley with a mad passion so I love your top. That sewing the label into seams thing drives me crazy. I have damaged things trying to get labels out because of course they must be white and applied to dark fabric.

    For me the bottle is as important as the fragrance inside and I find so many of the commercial ones hideously tacky.

  4. It's hard to find the right fragrance, yours sounds just right. I remember in the 90's everyone was wearing Obsession and it was such a strong smell. I think I can still get a whiff of it in my mind! Cool necklace, This graphic is beautiful and so worth a special highlight in jewelry. I like how it plays against the pattern. I'm seeing lace cutouts on many blouses these days and I enjoy this trend. Feminine with going al-out lacy!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I've wanted to work with resin for a while but got turned off when I saw it could be finicky and have issues with bubbles. I love the necklace.

    I wish I could wear fragrance of any sort. Having fibromyalgia any kind of scent makes it worse. Weird, I know.

    The back of the blouse is very pretty.


  6. Well you are certainly NOT a hipster doofus! I know this scent. They sell it at a little shop near me. It's lovely and oceany and the label is so pretty. Good for you for making it live on. Don't you wish we had smell-o-blog?

  7. I admire your ability to describe smells, Val! It's really not that easy. You made me smile about that old lady sofa. :)

    What a pretty blouse, and such a cute surprise on the back! Love such things. Your necklace is beautiful, and great idea to immortalize what you love! How not to love Art Deco!

  8. Here you are writing about lovely wonderful Scents and I'm living in a reality of stench and reek. Hm. I love how you've immortalized the label in your art jewellery - it's truly an image worthy of such an honour. And yes, WHY are labels sewn into lace at the neck? DOH! Awesome blouse with paisley AND lace. Ding, ding, ding.

  9. Look at you Miss Crafty Magee! Love the necklace!

  10. I agree about needing to try perfumes, they can smell completely different on one person compared to another, and they do alter over time. I like the sound of citrus punch, but old lady's sofa? Hmm, not so much...
    Love the necklace, and the paisley top is so pretty. xxx

  11. Hi Val!

    Doing better, having nice long dizzyness free moments, what a joy!
    Love the necklace, i was thinking of doing some resin necklace, the process is real easy
    Love that blouse, big trend this summer and it's perfect for you
    How the hair? i know you had an issue with it, is it to your liking now?
    Looks great btw
    About l'eau de toilette, i can just imagine the scent,
    I love what Connie said - Smell-0-Blog- What a wonderful idea!

    Take care Val



  12. What a great post! If you can write about perfume effectively, you can write about anything! So lovely to have a scent you love better than all the others. I hope you find replacement bottles as long as you want them! Your necklace is grand ... perfectly beautiful, and just like you. I love intimate posts like this one. Tells so much about our Val! Thank you.

  13. Ooh, the necklace is so creative. I hadn't heard of doing resin pendants before. I love it. Are the chalk drawings behind you also yours?

    This top is lovely. I especially like the lace in back.

    And I agree about fragrances: the top, middle, and base notes can be quite different, and each person's personal chemistry causes the notes to present a little differently. When I worked at The Body Shop I always told folks to try out the fragrances, walk around and shop for a while, and come back if they liked it. :D

  14. Loving the top- sticking tag and all. I have to try a fragrance first- as florals (which I'm fond of) tends to go sticky sweet on my- smelling more like soap than perfume. Spice does all right by me- but each smell case by case basis.

  15. I so love your necklace! #CreativeMondays

  16. Hello Val,

    We have found you via the delicious Connie. We are certain that she is as divine as your perfume!

    Such a pity that there is no such thing as a scratch and sniff blog. That would be very handy at this point. The label on your perfume bottle is wonderful and looks perfect as you have restyled it into a necklace. How cleverly creative you are. And, it does look great with the patterned top.

    We are trying when GFC lets us, to be your latest followers! Happy Easter!

  17. What an amazingly pretty way to remember the old label of your fave perfume. I love the Deco look of the label; too bad they changed it. I used to have hundreds of perfumes (did special events for the Bay's cosmetics department) but slowly weaned them down. The one scent I came to adore, by Yves Rocher, has been discontinued, I recently learned. I'm pretty bummed. Hope yours continues to thrive! Lovely top too! Xo

  18. Perfume must be tried! old lady sofa is not great, sadly most perfumes smell like that on me, it's so ridiculous, it makes me reluctant to wear anything pretty, fresh or floral, I have to wear 'in your face' or men's aftershave - your resin necklace is utterly gorgeous as is your paisley top with the lace detail x x x

  19. I've always wanted to have a 'signature' scent, and sounds like you have found the perfect scent accessory for yourself. The resin pendant is a beauty and looks great with your top. I'm always amazed by the jewelry that you make for yourself.

  20. Totally loving the necklace... I need to try out resin!!!


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