Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Melange

I love that word - melange. And I couldn't think of a better way to describe this post, which covers Easter, birthdays, men's style, food, family, sunshine, sewing, and a gnome.

In my family we have plenty of birthdays in April - my mom's, my sister's, my brother's, now also my nephew-in-law's, my sister-in-law's, and also one of my best friends's (pronounced "best friendzuz"). At least here in this town we're able to combine three birthdays and celebrate at once. It just happened that Easter was the best time to get together for a barbecue!

my brother-in-law barbecuing

I've been wanting to take some photos of my very cool nephew-in-law, Kenji, who was one of our birthday celebrants. Kenji would like to find some men's style blogs, so if you know of any, let me know.

the sunglasses are Ray Ban's

Cool, huh? He's also an absolute sweetheart, which is nothing less than my niece deserves.

This is Kenji and his wife, Lisa, with their two nephews.

This photo includes my sister, color-coordinated with Lisa, and my other niece, Mildred. The boys are her sons.

My goodness, these people are multiplying like rabbits! My mom and I joined the line-up.

And what is Val wearing, I hear you ask. Well. I made a cape thingy from a scarf and wore it over a white tee shirt.

maybe Kenji's coolness will rub off on me

I'm also wearing my Frida necklace (made by the delightful Tamera) and some pale pink jeans.

Here's the back of the scarf-cape. I just had to cut the scarf in half and stitch the long edges together, leaving room for my head, of course. The fringe was an added bonus!

We had lots of yummy food.

The carrots (made by my sister) are cooked in broth with cream cheese (!), then chopped pecans and green onions are added, and a little lemon juice. I bet this would be good without the cream cheese, too.

What do you call an angry garden statue? A gnomad! (Thank you, Mr. S.)

And then we came home.

Linking up to Visible Monday and Creative Mondays! Have a good week, everyone!

Thursday - I'm also linking up my upcycled scarf-cape thingy to The Citizen Rosebud for Secondhand First. The scarf was bought at Buffalo Exchange resale shop.



  1. Here are thoughts I came up with as I ruminated over your post whilst in the shower (which means these are what stood out the most, I guess?):

    1. "Pronounced best friendzuz" - ahahahaha!
    2. Have him try or
    3. Imma gonna have to try that scarf trick. But first, to teach myself to sew...
    4. "Gnomad" - ahahahahaha!

    Looks like you had a fabulous Easter! :D

    1. You beat me to it! Justin and Terry both have great style! I wish my baby brother would write a guy style blog - he always looks great, and I covet his compliments. :)

  2. Oh that looks like fun! Your family all look like lovely people and they dress well too. I love your scarf-cape thingie. I can't imagine why you would want to remove the cream cheese from that recipe. I was thinking simply add broccoli or green beans.

    I don't follow any menzuz style blogs but there is The Sartorialist who posts men's things and his own clothes as well. There is a guy with a blog who sometimes pops up on Patti's comments. I even checked out his blog once but I cannot remember what it's called. Patti might know.

  3. Melange, YES!! A mix of wonderful ingredients that add up to a delicious dish. Love the beautiful family shots, all the smiles and love, and of course the clothes are fun!! He should have his own blog, if he doesn't already. I'm with Shawna...remove the cream cheese?!! Only if heavy cream or sour cream would taste better. XXOO

  4. Sod finding men's blogs, Kenji should start his own, he's such a stylish dude! I wore my Tamera necklace this weekend too, yours is gorgeous! What a beautiful family and such a good idea to grab Easter weekend as a chance to celebrate multiple birthdays:). xo

  5. What a lovely family gathering, Val. You can see the resemblance between you, your sister and mum. And yes, Kenji is a cool dude - surely there must be a gazillion blogs out there featuring equally stylish men? I don't know any, I have all on keeping up with the girls, but as Jean says, maybe he should start a blog himself. (I wonder if male style bloggers make friends the way women do? Just a thought...)
    The barbeque and carrots look delicious, another vote for keeping the cream cheese here!
    Oh and cool shawl/cape/scarf! xxxx

  6. Wonderful (growing) family pics, Val! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a great day, xox

  7. Wow, what a lot of fun - you have a great-looking family!

  8. You remind me of many family gatherings I used to have when I lived in Russia... miss them! It looks like you had fantastic time! Your cape/poncho thingy looks very cute, and I love the color combination, so fresh and Springy! For your nephew and other cool dudes, here is a blog I enjoy looking at from time to time - a couple blog (I will definitely continue my own "family style blog" when my family has more time for it :) -- very fun and talented guys

  9. You have an adorable family!!! Love your scarf DIY....I need to try t his out myself!!!

  10. Cute family!! Everyone looks so happy!!! Love your DIY top!

  11. I love your family photos, Val. Everyone is smiling, and they don't even look forced. Why do men always take charge of the barbeque? It is some universal law? I'm glad they do though. I'll happily just eat. Awesome self-made cape, and a winning Easter-y spring outfit.
    And I love your new avatar thingy. Bwa-ha-ha!

  12. You have a very happy and good looking family! you, your Mum and your sister are so alike! and Melange is such a great word - Kenji is super cool, I agree with Desiree, he should start his own blog, definitely! food looks delicious, your Brother-in-law is a very good bbq-er, the men in my family like to cook meat in the 'very tough to eat' category x x x

  13. Beautiful post and pictures, wow I love birthdays and bbq's :) 3 out of 4 of my children birthday plus mine are over the next few weeks ( well one has just happened ) so lots of parties for us too. Great scarf-cape :) Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays..

  14. I love the word mélange, can't say it well without a French accent! It's the perfect title for your broad spectrum post! What fun it is to hang out and sup with family...and to catch up with what the youngsters are doing. I love your little scarf-poncho. I had that idea, too...but you actually did something about it!

  15. Looks like a blast!

    Aren't you the clever one turning that scarf into a "cape thingy" I made need to steal this idea and make my own CT.

    You always find a way to wear that necklace Tamera gave you. I was also lucky enough to get one but still haven't managed to style it with anything. I need to take notes here.


  16. You all look fabulous. Especially you. I was going to mention Terry's Two Cents ... but Maricel took care of that. The carrots look amazing, but best are your pink jeans! Okay, one is food and the other is fashion, but I can imagine an equation. You just look sharp and flowy all at once.

  17. Happy Easter- belatedly. You look fab- very swingy and springy. As does the gnome.

  18. Melange is a good word, isn't it? Looks like there was much celebrating, what with Easter, and birthdays and all. Nice DIY on the scarf/cape!

  19. ROFL at gnomad, tell him that was genius. You, and your family all look great, and most importantly, like you are having fun being together. Melange...great, great word to roll your mouth around.


  20. Blooming madly- and thank you for linking up to #SHF! See you in a month?

  21. What a creative way to make an old scarf into something new. It looks breezy and feminine and fashionable, all in one. I have to Pinterest you for later crafting ideas. :D

    You have such a lovely family!


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