Monday, April 28, 2014

A Week of New Clothes

Oh, hello! 

Sorry if I seem surprised, but I almost forgot I had a blog! I've been bounding from my sewing machine to my glue pot to my Kindle with just enough time to watch "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" to take the edge off after the evening news.

But I have results to show you! 

I've been working on this for a few weeks, among other things. I don't know if I should call it a kimonic or a tunono. Thoughts?

This is a Marketplace of India jacket, previously seen in the photo below from my old blog, and a couple of months ago here.

I took off the neck placket and added this beautiful fabric that came from a too-small thrifted top. I added a snap on the inside (and do you think I could get it on the right way around when I sewed it on? Ha!). On the outer edge I added a button, formerly black but colored with red nail polish.

The fabric at the bottom came from this skirt, also pictured on my old blog...

...which I shortened. The scrap was the perfect length and width!

Ooops, I still have some blue chalk marking the middle.
The ribbon needs some remedial work. I used fabric glue to try to reduce my time with a needle and thread – again, ha! It's not holding. I had to staple it at work so it wouldn't fall off. So I'll be sewing it on later – a stitch in time saves wasted glue.

I had a few crocheted flowers that I added to mask seams, and I might add some embroidery eventually, and maybe another layer on the bottom if I find the right fabric. It's a work in progress.

I know it sounds like I'm a genius. Ah, dear reader, I'm not. I had many fierce contretemps with the sewing machine when it would knot itself up in a big hissy fit, and each time it was user error. I now keep the manual nearby, which is, to me, the height of humility.

 The black trousers are Lee, and the old black sandals are Docs.

Yes, I do have a week of new clothes ahead – either new to me or newly altered – but you'll have to be patient. 

Oh, okay, maybe just a little teaser because it matches the color scheme today.

from St. Vinnie's thrift store
A little late, but I'm linking up with Creative Mondays.



  1. Such creativity! I love how you've repurposed some of your old clothes and scraps. I think "Kimonic" is perfect.

  2. Wow! Just WOW! Brilliant ... love it lots and lots. Clever girl! Whatever you call it, it's international style and personal style married in the best way. I'm not worthy (bowing and deeply kowtowing!)

  3. Ah, but I prefer tunono, actually. It sounds more Japanese, yes? Kimonic has a more French vibe. so I guess it depends on your mood. I don't care how self-deprecating you are - you are still a mind-blowing genius to me, sewing machine contretemps notwithstanding. Why can't you be my neighbor so you can school me, o grand Jedi master of crafting?!

  4. Ooooh, Fry and Laurie! Have you read the books by Wodehouse? If you like the show, you will LOVE the books. They are the best bedtime books in the world. He's so funny!

  5. I'm in awe of your up sewing talents, creativity and your ability to transform a red button from a black button with nail polish. Something that I will consider in the future. I think I might be able to pull that one off!

    Love the jacket with tie! Red, white and black 'becomes' you.

  6. I think it is genius! :) I love everything about it. The way you added fabric, the choice of fabrics, the read button made with a nail polish (that would probably never even cross my mind), the flowers and future embroidery... I love it already! Love how you styled it with simple black trousers and shoes, very Asian-inspired, authentic somehow and very individual all at the same time. Perfect in every way, Val! I can't wait for your other alterations!

  7. I agree with Natalia! Genius work here Val! I seem to get so stuck and find myself having trouble really getting out of the box! really show creativity at it's best! Konono, tunonon, kionic,...Diane Futonic! It's all good! You can buy a fusible tape in the notions section. it's about a 1/4" wide and might (I say might, because one has to experiment a bit with these things) work in future to fuse trim onto fabric! Well! I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures this week!

  8. What a great makeover, Val! There is definitely a sewing bug doing the rounds. I love black, red and white as a combination, I always appreciate the drama, and in this case the Asian vibe is gorgeous. Nice work, looking forward to seeing your other projects! xxx

  9. it's a fabulous revamp!, love the different-but-matching pieces of fabric, and how they work so nicely together!

  10. Wow you made this your own! Love the contrasting fabrics and trim. Tops and dresses with this flattering shape are some of my personal favorites. Seems like a piece you can wear all year around. Such a creative and fun top.

    blue hue wonderland

  11. Wow! I exclaimed aloud when I saw your first picture, before you told us about how you MADE IT. I am all excited and fascinated by this. I want to make something this cool!

    Also, a cotton garment similar in cut to the kimono in Japan is the yukata. So maybe new puns like yukatanic?

  12. Kimonic or tunono ? how can I choose? both are blooming brilliant words! either way your creation is fabulous, and fabric glue is a pain but I like that you stapled the ribbon on though, your new thrift skirt is gorgeous x x x

  13. So cool! I love all the different pieces of fabric you choose. Very creative. Especially the closure. I also think this works well with your body shape.

    I like kimonic : )


  14. Very pretty! Lovely fabrics all the way round but you were tres creative in the way you combined them. Well done!

  15. Glad i am not the only one who experiences machine hissy fits (I had a printer like that!) - how creative and lovely! I'm doing The Mikado soon- your kimono would be v appropriate!!!

  16. NO matter what you say, you are indeed creative and clever. I struggle with needing the manual for my sewing machine nearby too. I use it so rarely I can't remember how to operate it. I had an ancient one of my mother's that I understood but I lost it. I know that's weird, but it went missing in a move and although it has to be either in my ex's house or my ex mother in law's house, nobody has ever found it. So I bought another one and I can't even figure out how to do a zig zag stitch. I feel like such an idiot.

    Anyhow, I love your kimonic-I'm going with that one- and can't wait to see what else you have done!

  17. Fantastic outfits you cute thing you! And A Bit of Fry and Laurie is one of my all time faves!!!

  18. Oh my goodness!! The end result is gooorgeous. I'd totes buy that in a shop if I saw it. Or at least drool over it online. ;D

  19. Wow. You've been busy, girlfriend! I love your kimunic.

  20. Aww this is great, what a amazing job you did :)

    Stopping by late this week from Creative Mondays, but here to tell you , I will be featuring you this week on the hop too :)

    Thanks for linking up...

  21. Not Kimonic, it rhymes with moronic. Not a good association LOL
    Now that's a statement piece you made there!!!

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