Saturday, March 22, 2014

The beach in the palm of my hand

I took these photos a few weeks ago, and I need to use them up before they start to smell bad.

I got the striped shirt at JCP on sale for $9.97! It's a cotton and silk blend, and it's got a pattern that will make you go blind when you're ironing it.

Why can't manufacturers figure out how to place the buttons so they don't gap at the widest point? I always have to pin it there. Obviously not for this photo, though.

The yellow jeans are thrifted - Shylo is the brand. And I'm not wearing shoes because I figured I'd head to my beach hut.

paper doll Me inspired by the amazing and multi-dimensional Melanie

This is what I've been working on lately - a little beach hut for me to dream about while I'm sitting at my desk. Actually, I'll be looking at it while I'm sitting at my desk - I'm going to keep it in my office.

My little hut is a cozy place for reading, drawing, walking on the beach.

There's my spare pair of glasses (a staple that I saw at work, curled into exactly the right shape), my lamp (beads), my pencils (toothpicks), and my parasol (cocktails, anyone?).

And it's not just my beach hut - there are three of us on this little beach.

background photo near Burton Bradstock, UK - if you think it looks like the beach in Broadchurch, you're right

My neighbor always loves to have picnics, but has questionable taste in wine.

little tiny snail shells on top shelf were found in a flower pot

And the guy on the end loves fishing. You can see him on the beach in all weather.

little Swiss army knife made from small pieces of wire and plastic - I painted a tiny white cross on it, and that's it!

I made some of these before, and they've been dispersed to Iowa, Maryland, and British Columbia. But I'm keeping these - my own little Echo Beach!

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  1. Oh Val. I just love these! They are sooooo Gilligan's Island. And that would make you Mary Ann? And I get to be Mrs. Howell.

  2. I could look at these all day long! I'm just wired to live inside my head, I think! I was going to write that your beach huts make me think of Emalina's beach hut, but I see that I wrote that in your previous post. It might seem like advertising to write it again, so I won't! Anyways, the combination of blue, white and yellow always makes me happy! You do look beachy, and classic, and hooray for bare feet.

  3. Okay, wait - did you make these? You. MAKE. These?! Are they Altoid canisters?! I want one! Puh-leeze?! Pretty puh-leeze?

    No, seriously - these are amazing pieces of art. First Anne and her fab sketches, then Sue with her fabulous sewing projects and now you with your miniature marvels. I'm feeling woefully inadequate here in the shadow of creative giants. So before I devolve into a writhing ball of self-pity, let me just say I love this purple/yellow combo you've got on. And yes, I, too, have issues with bosom gap. And gasp! You iron? LOL.

  4. They are seriously gorgeous! You're so clever. I love that they all have personalities. And I love that now almost anyone can have a beach house - freedom!

  5. Your miniature beach huts are amazing, Val, I love all the tiny details. You must have the steadiest hands! I have stopped wearing shirts because of the boob gapping thing; I gave up on ever finding a shirt that fitted properly, they don't appear to be made for women with breasts... Cool jeans - now roll them up and get paddling in the sea! xxxx

  6. I could use a beach hut right now! These creations are so clever and fanciful. I like the idea that you can have them at your desk as a reminder. I have often thought the same thing about blouses. It just doesn't make sense. If I find one that doesn't gap I wear it forever.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. How fun! There weren't any little huts like this in Jamaica. Just open beach with tiki style beach umbrellas. Ah...I miss it already!

    These little dream tins are so cute. You must be so patient to create such little worlds of fancy.

    I sew snaps on 99% of my shirts because of boob gaps.


  8. So cute--- I wish I was at the beach.

  9. I love your beach huts!!! They are so clever and I the details are amazing.

  10. These mini huts are so awesome! I live on the beach and I think I need these, because I can stay warm and dry with them. Very cool new shirt, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  11. Adorable beach huts! You're so creative.

  12. Theses little beach huts make me smile!!! So much awesomeness!!! I love my gypsy caravan!!
    I'm with ya on button's even worse when you are boobalicious

  13. Ooooooh! Fantastic! Little worlds in a tin!
    The button thing? Bad design. Or cost-cutting, using less buttons.

  14. They are blooming brilliant! I keep scrolling back to have another gawp at them, and repeating myself, blooming brilliant - blouses and breasts? it shouldn't be that difficult should it? yet I still sew down the majority of my buttoned items - great blouse though! x x x

  15. Your little seaside tins are cuter than the dickens! I love all the mini details and the stories that accompany them! Very clever! I make nichos and cajitas (little boxes) that are devotional and very Mexican's a blast/trip to find the right elements and sizes for each one. Glad you're going to keep this comely batch for your desk! Cool paper doll, too!

  16. Crikey, I had that song on the brain for a few days last week! I love it, such a classic.
    I love the new name, Muse Fondue! It's delicious! Hope theres lots of cheese!!!
    Altered tins are so divoon, one of these days I'm gonna get into making a few.......XXX

  17. Love your new blog and thanks for visiting mine! Your little diarama treasure travel wonder boxes are fabulous! What a great idea! Are you selling them on Etsy?

  18. Your beach huts will manifest into a vacation soon, I'm sure! The perfect accessory for a day at the office. And the yellow jeans? Great with the striped shirt.

  19. Waaaahhhhh! I LOVE these beyond anything! And it's the Broadchurch beach .... I would not have been able to resist putting a little tiny plastic dead body or two beneath the cliffs.
    So cool! I love your paper-doll-self in your starkly simple but really appealing outfit. I'm so stoked at your brilliant work.

  20. Say whaaaaat? How cute it all that?!?! A little paper me needs a beach vacation too

  21. These beach huts just made my day! They're as adorable as you are!

  22. love your striped shirt, and love how you're sporting it with yellow pants, so pretty combo! (love any pattern that blurry your eyes: psychedelic power!!)
    and your little beach huts are awesome and cute and you're so talented!!!

  23. your little beach huts are unbelievable cute!!!!!


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