Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Deep Water

It's time for Thoughtful Third Thursday at My Closet Catalogue and A Bibliophile's Style, so I'm dressing like a character in a book. Gee, she looks just like me.

But she isn't like me at all - she's really gutsy and no-nonsense, she can sing, and she owns a gun. Her name is Irma.

The book is called Deepwater Landing, and I didn't read it recently. I read it last year when I was editing it for my husband. Yes, Mr. S is the author! He put it on Amazon last month, so if you're interested you can buy it for your Kindle here.  He's also uploaded it to Smashwords, so it should be available on other e-readers soon.

The main character is a middle-aged British musician who plays keyboards – so, pretty much like Mr. S. The character, Steve, is driving through the rainy forests of Oregon when his car dies in a community called Deepwater Landing. He tries to avoid becoming the prime suspect in a murder investigation, and ends up hiding out at Irma's until he can figure out how to leave. But Irma doesn't want him to leave.

Here's a little excerpt:

“If I go along with this, Irma, you’re not thinking of… I don’t know…” He felt foolish saying this, “locking me in here, or anything, are you? Like a… I don’t know…”

“Like a prisoner? Hah, you are funny! Why would you even think such a thing? Of course, while the police are busy poking around up at the trail, I wouldn’t exactly suggest making a spectacle of yourself out there. But come and go as you please. You’re my guest.”

“You realize that this all sounds a bit weird, yeah?” He would have liked to have said, completely, gibberingly demented.

my favorite T-shirt, from Oregon Public Broadcasting - cogito ergo audio

If that's not your cup of tea, Mr. S has three other books available online. One is a children's book called Cymbelina and the Cat with No Name – it's very good, very British, and lots of fun, even for adults. Then there's The Father's Sins, which is an odyssey of a man and his son fleeing both planned and unplanned crimes in Britain, only to find their trouble compounded in the US. And the third one is my favorite, although it's cynical and misogynistic. It's also the funniest. It's called The Prisoner's Tale, and is told in the first person. There are plots, politics, poison, and paranoia in a dystopian world - or is it all in the mind of the narrator?

If you do read any of his books, please leave a review. Glowing would be nice, but any review would be helpful.

Book reports are due now at Thoughtful Third Thursday!



  1. "I think, therefore I listen"? Nice! The books sound awesome! Congrats to Mr. Muse!

  2. All of those books sound good! This look is like the opposite of last month's T3 look. Did you ever finish the book from last month?

  3. You look positively RADIANT in these pics, Val. Perhaps because your inspiration is the love of your life? ;p Btw, are those layers or is that one of those ringer tees that are all-in-one? Regardless, I'm really appreciating the casual/cool vibe you've got going on. I agree with Selah - it's a complete 180 from last month's T3 contribution. I love your chameleon-esque abilities! Thanks for linking up! :D

    1. I should have given more details on the "normcore" clothes - the long-sleeve navy shirt is from JCP, and the jeans are my old standard Lee jeans. The hiking boots are New Balance, and aren't they stylish?

  4. Ooh, you kept quiet about Mr S' authorship and fame, Val! Till now, anyway. I like the sound of his books, I will investigate. And you look great! xxx

  5. Of course you can sing - you just have to pick the right genre, heavy metal, throat singing, Bob Dylan? And there is fake weaponry available in any kids' store, unless that's not politically correct anymore. You are already gutsy and no-nonsense. It's so romaaaantic that your spouse is a writer. I'll investigate more how to convert Kindle to Kobo.
    I like these photos a lot. That lighting is even better than my garage! And I can practically hear the twigs breaking.

  6. Oh, so fun Val!! I kinda love you in your hiking gear, and that tee looks so super comfy! Can't wait to check out hubby's stuff, I'm always on the lookout for somethin' to read.


  7. I love when you immerse yourself in characters! I found myself wanting a little more c-development on Irma...I'm thinking she has a bit of a sinister side...yes? Is that why you wanted to be her??? Cool T-shirt for sure. Cool husband, too!

  8. I love when you immerse yourself in characters! I found myself wanting a little more c-development on Irma...I'm thinking she has a bit of a sinister side...yes? Is that why you wanted to be her??? Cool T-shirt for sure. Cool husband, too!

  9. Excellent ... I'm a mystery lover and will pick one as soon as I'm in book funds! You look very uncrazy, and very centered and PNW-forresty-chic. Your glasses look pretty on you ... I envy that!

  10. Oooh, how exciting!!!! Wow, Mr S is an author!!!! And now I understand the British thing- so you're American and he's British!?! Cool!!xx

  11. Blooming wonderful! 3 books, it really is incredible, I love the name of the children's book (I had a little look and will ask mine can I download) I also adore the cool pics of you in the woodland x x x

  12. Oh, how thoroughly exciting to learn that you are married to a published writer! Now, is Deepwater Landing a mystery? And The Father's Sins sounds sinfully good as well. Okay, must check them out, although I don't have a Kindle etc.

  13. How cool that your husband is a writer! You are quite a good writer yourself. You two must have an interesting partnership. Lovely pictures Val. I'm wishing for some greenery with all the snow we still have on the ground.

    blue hue wonderland

  14. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for his work. Deepwater Landing sounds similar to Misery, I loved that! x

  15. Those are some seriously pretty photos of you! My mom's an author too!


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