Sunday, February 16, 2014

Magical Mystery Tour

Last Sunday night I watched "The Night that Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles". The "night" in question was their US debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Critics were split on the Grammy salute, but I enjoyed it! Paul and Ringo performed together, lots of other musicians did covers - it was like nostalgia porn!
Then I had a dream the other night. I was wearing this outfit.

The jacket was seen recently on Valastasia.

Someone once told me this jacket reminded them of The Beatles. It's weird because I'm not usually that aware of my clothes in dreams, but these were clothes I actually own and they made a nice outfit.

Mr. S's record - I Saw Her Standing There, Misery, Anna, and Chains

In my dream I was ready to go out, except I had wet hair in a towel. I figured I would fix it when I got to the nightclub or bar or whatever. I got on a bus with a bunch of young people, holding my towel and a blanket.

I was aware that I was a little old for this group and that I really should have done my hair at home. What was I thinking?  

When I got off the bus I realized I was in London, and I didn't have to go to the clubs. I was free to wander around London and do whatever I wanted. Why didn't I bring a map?! So I just started walking. I turned up a dark, empty street with old buildings, and although it was dark I could see spring blossoms on the trees and lots of flowers in planters. It was lovely! I ended up at the Liverpool Boat Club (?), and then I woke up.

I also had one of those odd coincidences this week because of the Beatles special.

David Grohl of The Foo Fighters did a couple of songs on the show, and I looked him up to get more background. Among other things, I found out that he met his former bandmates in Nirvana, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, through another musician called Buzz Osborne who is the founding member of The Melvins.

I found this out on Wikipedia, and I had to look up The Melvins, although I'd heard their name. They're sort of obscure - and they're not pretty - but they're still rockin' after 30 years.

Then Shirley Temple Black died, and I looked her up on Wikipedia, too. She had three children, the youngest of whom is Lori Black, aged 59. Lori was a rocker, a bass guitar player known as Lorax.

She used to play bass with The Melvins. Weird, huh?

And then I found this picture of Lori and her mother meeting The Beatles circa 1964.

Jacket - Coldwater Creek; shirt - Crazy Horse, JCP; skirt - Christopher & Banks; tights - Target; boots - JCP

So that's how things are In My Life. How was your week?

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  1. Sometimes I dream that I forget to wear pants or a shirt or some other article of clothing. I once saw Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz on a bus and I was soooo glad that I was dressed. Please share more of your dreams and coincidences and outfits. I love it.

  2. You're living in a WTF-moment spooky world, Val. All these weeeeird coincidences. What DOES IT MEAN?!!! I used to dream that one of the Beatles asked me on a date, I can't remember which one. Your photo essays are awesome. You DO look Beatles in this, with flashes of Valastasia. I like your towel/blanket-hiding-wet-hair concept - but it's so derivative. Laugh...

  3. This has got to be my fave outfit of yours to date! The tights! The coat! Those rockin' boots! Love them all! And did you get a haircut too? To. Die. For.

    I think it's brilliant that you remember your dreams so vividly. You could compile them and write a book, no?

  4. I love all the ties between musicians. You look absolutely amazing in this outfit - nice to see that your sleeping brain is putting together outfits for you!

  5. That's like six degrees of separation.

    You need to cut down on the cheese and pickles before bed.

    All that your Mom told you about not leaving the house with wet hair has come back to haunt you.

    I love that coat. Very magical mystery tourish : )


  6. What a great outfit! This jacket is cool and I love the patterned tights. Cute with the earrings and retro boots. Interesting dream, remembering the clothing is unusual. Isn't it strange how music takes the mind back in ways that nothing else can. I don't have a clear memory of the Beatles but I do of the disco hits. I've been listening to oldies stations recently and find the music somewhat comforting....

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Ha. You dream weird like me. Cute groupie outfit!

  8. Okay, this really is a lot of coincidences that connect. What it all really means, I have no clue...but it's quite cool how each thread was connected to the previous, and then full circle.

  9. I like it when random events and incidents all seem to connect up. Don't suppose it means anything, but I like it!
    Such a cool Valastasia jacket, it does have a late 60s Beatles vibe to it. Great tights too! xxx

  10. I can't compete with that. I do love the jacket!

  11. Interesting! This happens to me all the time;)


  12. Amazing jacket.

    I frequently find out actors who I love in one movie or show were actually other beloved characters in other ones.

  13. That's a pretty cool weird dream and an exceptional set of co-incidences, I love it when it happens even though it confuses the hell out of me, your Valastasia jacket does have fab four overtones, definitely! I hope my dream comes true, I dreamed I found an excellent and very cheap vintage shop with clothes that fit me!!! ahhhh, sweet! ps I used to date someone from The Liverpool Boat Club, he had great shoes! x x x

  14. Brilliant! Manifesting your dream in your stunning jacket. I'm impressed that you remembered the details, which in my world seldom happens.

    I remember the Ed Sullivan show in black and white like it was yesterday. Thanks for the memories and your always appreciated sense of humor.

  15. I really like this outfit on you. The jacket is great.

  16. What an amazing jacket!!!! Love it.
    Dreams can be so weird,,,,, (lol)
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits

  17. Val you need to let your dreams dress you more often! This is my fave outfit of yours to date! GREAT- referencing fashion history but very sassy for the modern day! It's a keeper! Love the textured legs, the long skirt short jacket and the very smart yet underplayed belt.

    And small world you stumbled into- dream-Beatles-London-Grohl-Nirvana-Garage/Grunge-Melvints-STB and scion. Well played.

  18. Wow, this outfit is awesome! I wish I could dream about sexy killer outfits, too.

    I am digging the pattern on your jacket/coat. Maybe it's the length that made that person think of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Club Hearts Band?

    Funny you mention the Foo Fighters- I saw them when they came to the Bay Area several years ago. Against Me! opened for them, and the lead vocalist came out as transgender some years later. It was one of the first things I talked to Ally about!

  19. Oh it is just wonderful - you dreamed of your outfit, and then played it here in your blog! What a cool idea!!! :)


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