Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I haven't the remotest idea

I'm starting to use our fancier camera – a Panasonic Lumix. Mr. S got bored being my photographer, but he's given me a few instructions for this camera and keeps saying, "Now be very careful with it" as if I'm a careless teenager.  Geez, don't treat me like a kid – I'm a grown-up! He's so unfair!

After a little, tiny bit of wheedling, I got Mr. S to buy a remote for the camera. Yay, a remote! This is going to revolutionize my selfies! So the remote arrived quickly (from China, a company called JYC - they probably also make yPads and other knock-offs) and we tried it out. It worked, and we put the camera away again.

On the weekend I wanted to take photos, and the remote didn't work. Mr. S, my tech expert, was away. Typical! I've figured out that it must be a dead battery – already – and of course it's a special type of battery that I'll have to go searching for. So I ended up taking photos the usual way – set the timer and run. Here are the pictures I took while I was still trying to figure it out.

(I had to set these up and use the timer, so these are a dramatization.)

check the instructions
try to use the remote
try to use the remote with antenna pulled out
still not working - what the ****'s going on here?
okay, stop and breathe, and exhale, breathe, exhale
okay, I'm feeling calmer now
let's just get a nice close-up of the scarf and try it again
and then - #$&)!&^%#$@^!$#^%%^&%%#!!!

The details:

Jacket - Christopher & Banks
Skirt - Old Navy
Leggings - Hue
Boots - Sporto, thrifted
Scarf - gift
Brooch - thrifted

How do you take pictures, and are you satisfied with your technology?



  1. You ALWAYS put a smile on my face Val! Now, go and buy those Docs!!! Patti said it's okay.

  2. Bwa-ha-ha. I love how you figured it out and then put the camera away. Great dramatization. I would like to see this in a mini-series now. I am in the "point, depress shutter, run-like-mad" camp. My fandangly camera I don't think even offers a remote. You still look great! Love the scarf and jewels. A house call by Docs will cure you all up.

  3. Oh my stars! The pic where you key smash - priceless! I think that must be my normal expression when I'm at the front of the classroom confronting glassy-eyed teenagers. Perfect re-enactment, Val. Enjoyed immensely. And I second Sue: go buy your Docs!

    M @ http://www.myclosetcatalogue.com

  4. yPad. That's really funny. My iPad kept trying to autocorrect that to "toad". Hmmmm...technology. Bah. I do the click and run thing and usually end up cutting off my head or not making it into the frame in time. It's difficult enough just trying to get dressed somewhat decently each day. The photo aspect just totally throws me. I am forever in awe of people (you) that get it so right.

  5. Ha, technology, it's beyond me too!
    Great photos (and there's that fab stripey skirt again, lovely!)
    Inexpensive compact camera, with a timer that takes 3 shots on a row, and a tripod; that's the extent of my photography expertise... It probably shows, but I recognise that I am never going to manage a better, more complicated camera, so it will have to do.
    You and Patti will be Docs Twins! xxx

  6. I love the dramatization! blooming technology! I still don't have tripod, must sort that out asap, my stack of tupperware and books really isn't acceptable as a tripod and my self timer is a 2 or 12 second one, there is the 2 second run or the 12 second, get bored and start finding chin hair look - I do love your skirt and blazer x x x

  7. This is so true, technology can be a hurtle. One of our cameras has a self timer. It gives me 20 seconds to get back in the frame. I did many of my pictures last summer this way but in winter this impossible. Absolutely impossible to do in the winter with the cold.

    Nice outfit Val. Mixing stripes and plaid is cool and it light colored shoe ties look great!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. ha ha! Been there : )

    I am taking photos inside, because we are buried, quite literally in snow here and from what I can tell probably will be until June this year. I have a remote which is starting to really annoy me. Outside it works brilliantly. Inside it acts like my husband, waiting till the worst moment to finally decide to take the photo. Also because I'm taking photos inside I have to adjust the lighting in Photoshop and everything looks grainy. I have borrowed my girlfriends super camera to see if that will help but otherwise I may need to invest in an external flash.


  9. You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!! Yes, I've been there too- on many occasions and the lighting i never right, nor the positioning and then, what happened to me last week was the camera fell off the patio table and hit the patio- I screamed lots since the last time I broke it (tripod swayed in the wind), it cost £60 to mend!!!! I did think after Mr S's warning, that you were going to tell us you broke it!x

  10. I have a fancy camera too, i learn to use it on Utube, lots of tutorials there!
    I went through 2 remote, can you believe it? one i used to death and they other one went to the washing machine by accident - Now i use the self timer, i hate it! I have to buy a new remote control!!!

    Take care



  11. I had a good laugh over these! I try to get friends to take my outfit photos whenever possible. Occasionally I take my tripod out on my porch (when it's not covered in snow) but end up having to take waaaay more photos just to get one that horrible.

  12. My camera sucks. So does the photographer, sometimes, but at my house, beggars can't be choosers. Great photos, Val and fun... like the outfit lots! Pretty hair, you!

    Is what I hear about you true? You don't like/watch Doctor Who? Really? Wow.

  13. Haha! These pictures are awesome. I make the same sorts of faces and pull at my hair when I'm dealing with random bits of technology, too. I love your outfit, especially your brooch!

    And don't feel ashamed for not watching Doctor Who. I too am indifferent to it, despite any number of acquaintances going on and on and on and on about it. My friend calls it being "geek adjacent" rather than actually being part of geek culture.

    1. Oops, forgot to include that I use a 10 second timer on a digital point-and-shoot on a cheap tripod. (Hand-me-down from my brother. :D )

  14. LOLOL--I loved this post!! I must say you look fantastic whilst frustrated!

  15. You look so cute in these pictures!! Love your skirt and the plaid scarf mixed.
    I just nominated you for the Shine On Award. See http://searchingtheinnerme.blogspot.com/2014/02/shine-on-award.html for rules

  16. My husband takes my photos, without glasses. he just aims and hopes for the best, lol
    I do the editing and just pic the best.
    Keep at it, you are doing so well

  17. Ok so i have a panasonic lumix too and never have been able to FIND a remote! Actually, i take all my pics on my iphone now with the timer--which makes for very dull pictures! Will you let me know tho about what kind of remote you found? Xoxo


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