Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do NOT sing that Jimmy Buffet song!

The prompt this week at Spy Girl's 52 Pick-me-up is to dress as your favorite libation. I think it's pretty obvious what I am.

This is an idea I had years (and years) ago for Halloween. In a thrift shop I saw a Lurex pantsuit in a dark lime-green, and I thought it would make a great margarita costume! I would make a lime hairband or earrings, and that would be it. But I didn't buy the pantsuit, I think it was too small, so I never became a walking margarita - until now.

On top is twin set I bought at Target almost eight years ago. It's the only thing I bought new in this outfit. I love the color, and I wear the cardi a lot with other things. On the shelves is a rotary dial phone acquired when I had to clean out a storage unit. I blinged it up myself. There's also a vintage Disney lunchbox (Ludwig von Drake in Disneyland) that was used by my sister, brother and me. Now it holds my sewing stuff.

White pants and sandals - thrift store; white "salty" necklace - hand-me-over from my sister; "lime-and-salt" earrings - made by me; tequila - Lunazul.

But here's the bonus!

My  very own Frida necklace from the lovely and talented Tamera, The Menopausal Supermodel. This has turned my outfit into a Cadillac Margarita!

Uno mas, por favore! I'm also going to link up to The Citizen Rosebud's inaugural Shop Secondhand First Friday. And, oh, let's go over to Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos for the music theme, but still NOT singing that Jimmy Buffet song.



  1. You are indeed a tall drink of tequila Val! Anne's themes are definitely making everyone's creative juices flow. The wide leg pants are very, very cool looking! I really love this summery outfit...and yes, perfect for sipping a margarita on the patio.

    Love that rotary dial phone. Does it function?

    1. Yes, it does! Although sometimes the earpiece loses its connection and I have to get another phone to hear people. I love the feel of the handset, though, and it's fun to use the rotary dial.

  2. Ah, I'm not one for tequila - I hear once you've had a bad experience, you can never stomach the drink again, and my experience was so bad, I can't even handle the smell, let alone the taste! O the other hand, I can fully appreciate the visual of a margarita-inspired outfit. That green on you is stunning - it brightens your face and makes this outfit pop, even without the requisite statement necklace. Btw, that "salty" string of beads is truly inspired. Lurve! You're making me rethink all the outfits I have planned for Anne's libation theme...

  3. When i saw your outfit, i said to myself, is it Spring yet did i miss something?
    I love that Frida necklace, super fantastico great for sipping margarita!
    Aren't you a lucky girl to have received such a gorgeous necklace!


  4. That necklace takes your simple tequila mix and turns it into a proper Fiesta!

    I stopped drinking Tequila after one too many trips to Mexico in my younger days where I learned quickly it was pronounced "to kill ya". Have you ever done a popper? They would bring a helmet around the dance floor, and give you a shot glass, pour from a bottle that was part 7-Up or something and the rest tequila and then you'd smack it on your head (wearing the helmet of course) and it fizzes up like a volcano and you shoot it back. Crazy times! LOL Luckily I don't remember much about drinking the worm bit. I think I'd still be having nightmares over that.


  5. Yes, that's a fresh and Spring-like outfit, that shade of green suits you so well. A margarita or two? Yes please! Cheers!
    And Tamera's famous Frida necklaces are just fabulous. xxx

  6. Duh. I thought you were a mint julep. Cheers!

  7. I love your "you caught me" look in the first picture, Val! Welcome to the Frida necklace tribe!

  8. A margarita in the morning! your inspired outfit is wonderful and the Frida necklace is amazing, what a great gift! I do like a tequila, sadly no more shots though, it's like knockout juice x x x

  9. You would have fit in perfectly with the crowd I saw in Palm Springs last week! (I am not being snarky -- there is a certain boozy charm to the elder Palm Springs denizen). Your "salt rim" necklace is genius!!!!! Then, Tamera's Frida addition makes it all the more tasty!. ¡Uno mas!
    Thanks for linking. I think this will be a fun week.

  10. Mmmm margaritas.....
    Love the lime green with the white and adore that necklace! Xoxo

  11. sings: wasting away in Sparkle-ritaville... blah blah bloooooo

  12. You look lovely in that springlike outfit. The Frida-necklace is extraordinary gorgeous.
    Sabine xxx

  13. I am slow- after all the hints I was going Midori Sour! LOL. You look great in that Agave green sweater set, and I am drunk on that amazing Frida necklace by the one and only Tamara!

  14. You look so lovely in this shade of green, and with the wide white pants - oh it's just vacation time!! The Frida necklace is super cool, I've never seen it before (I'm kinda a new kid on the block :) - but I'm in love! Great idea to dress as your fave drink. I have to be red wine then. :)

  15. Brilliant, dear Val.
    You are so much fun and joy.

  16. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere!!! You look rather Palm Beachy-chic and ready for summer.

  17. I'll have another round!! So fun. I might have to try and play on Anne's 52 pick me up next time, see if I have what it takes.


  18. delightfully tropical margarita!!, you look so summery and fresh!, gorgeous!


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